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Adam Wenig's new eBook, The Five-Factor Formula: Penetrating the Secret Formula of Top Online Marketers, introduces BK Boreyko, who is an affiliate marketing mentor and Internet Marketer. Through Adam's videos, you are introduced to the five factors of successful affiliate marketing, which includes conversion. Conversion is the percentage of buyers to sellers on any sales page. In this brief interview, BK shares his thoughts on the value of affiliate marketing, what he's learned while building a multi-level marketing home business and how to create a high converting website.

BK starts out explaining the five factors of a good affiliate marketing business model and then dives into the value of focusing on the conversion of traffic. He uses a personal story as an example, sharing how he started his first business in the Philippines, selling used cars. In his videos, BK shows off his car and talks about his day in the office, making money while doing something you might not have been able to do as an affiliate. BK breaks down the basics of his Vemma business model, which is an Internet-based compensation plan based on the idea that people should make money without having to do any work. In this video, BK breaks down the specifics of the Vemma business model, from finding the best niches to implementing the five-factor formula.

Adam continues by sharing how he's found some of the best niches on the web, which are not heavily competitive. This is why it's so important to find niche markets that have little competition. In the video, BK explains the value of hiring coaches, as they will be able to help you focus your attention on building a business model that will actually make you money. One mistake most people make when first getting into affiliate marketing is to get distracted by the latest "hot" product or service. Adam explains that focusing on building a simple business model is by far the best way to go, as you'll be more likely to make long term profits.

In the second video, Adam briefly discusses the difference between money dropshipping and free affiliate marketing. The distinction is that with money dropshipping, you often have to wait to get your products delivered. This can be inconvenient, especially if you don't live near any distribution points. As an alternative, however, you can work with companies who allow you to sell their products for a small fee, which means you never have to touch the product. This fee may include shipping costs, but the company takes care of that.

The third video goes into explaining the three main ways you can make money using Facebook ads and then provides a review of a tool called The Long Tail Sales funnel, which you can use to find profitable affiliate offers. He also briefly goes over what he calls the Facebook Ad Secret, which he claims is one of the best ways to create quality ads. After that, he goes into explaining how to use Facebook ads effectively and gives his definition of a funnel. This is basically the process of finding affiliate offers that fit your niche and following up with customers until you make a sale. I'm not sure how useful this can be in actual terms, other than to illustrate the importance of finding prospects and following them up.

The fourth video shows how to use social media like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Flicker to grow your affiliate marketing business. This one is interesting, because it illustrates how important it is to use social media as part of your overall marketing strategy. The problem is that many people who use social media don't understand how to make money from it, and as a result they don't see sales. However, Adam goes into explaining what are the top three ways to make money on social media.

The final video shows you how to get instant access to hundreds of affiliate sales pages and everything you'll need to promote those products to your customers. I think this is one of the better videos out there for showing affiliate commissions step-by-step. You also get tips on how to use Google AdWords effectively, and the last two minutes or so are devoted to explaining why PPC works and why CPC won't work. I think all the material here is great, and after the video there is an amazing website showing you exactly how to set up a squeeze page that will guarantee you commissions from every single affiliate offer that you place. The website also includes a tutorial on affiliate marketing.

Each of these videos has great value, and all show real practical examples of using advertising and lead generation techniques to create a successful business. I really liked each one, and it's possible that some of the content may not be helpful to someone just starting out. The thing is, if you're serious about running an online business, it might behoove you to consider using at least one of the wenig products in your portfolio. If you've got a website, you can easily add them to your list of autoresponder scripts or landing pages. If you're interested in emailing prospects for free, then being has something for you.

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