Affiliate / CPA Marketing


Cost per action (CPA), also called cost per sale (CPS) is an important metric for new brands of all sizes, regardless of whether the brand is relatively new or established for years. With affiliate being among the lowest CPA marketing models, it is easy to understand why more brands are moving towards affiliate CPA models. The reason for this move towards affiliate CPA marketing lies in the fact that affiliate CPA networks offer their members a ready supply of CPA merchants ready to sign up and promote to their CPA network audience. It is as simple as that.

When you join an affiliate program, you become a member and then sign up for multiple affiliate programs. Once you become a member of multiple affiliate programs, you can promote any affiliate products that you wish to through your own website, email newsletter or blog. Your own website is the key component of this process because it offers you a unique opportunity to market affiliate products to your CPA network audience.

Unlike cost per action (CPM) and cost per sale (CPS) networks, which require a massive investment upfront to get started, affiliate marketing is a low risk low cost opportunity for the aspiring affiliate marketer. All you need is a website with relevant information and tools, a solid understanding of how online advertising works and the skills to drive traffic to your site. If you can write well, you can become an expert affiliate marketer in no time. The affiliate marketer then takes the information from their website, including their monthly CPA or cost per action revenue goals and converts it into cash on demand by driving traffic to specific affiliate links. The result is an increase in commissions earned by the affiliate.

There are a number of ways to earn affiliate commission, including the standard commission model that is paid on a monthly basis for CPA sales, Pay Per Click (PPC) where a cost per click is charged to the affiliate for each visitor that they send to the affiliate link and Pay Per Action (PPA) where a small fee is charged for each lead that is converted to a CPA or CPC sale. It should be noted that PPC and CPA models have dramatically different impacts on the commission earned, as well as the type of results that are generated. PPC generates significantly higher profits, but it is also much more likely that the visitor will not make a purchase and will not result in any type of commission for the affiliate. On the other hand, CPA sales results in higher CPA or commission earned through the affiliate's own effort and the more sales that result in a CPA sale, the more likely the affiliate will receive additional revenues.

You can also make money through affiliate programs by building your own brand. This can be accomplished by creating a niche in your chosen industry and providing content and resources related to that niche to your audience. For example, if you are a pet lover and have created a website with great informational content about pet care for dogs, you can leverage this website and position yourself as the expert in your industry. This position will make it easier for your audience to identify with your brand. If someone is interested in learning more about your dog care brand, they would most likely to click on your website and follow the link to your site to learn more.

In addition to positioning yourself as an expert in your industry, you may want to build a solid reputation amongst your affiliate managers. For every affiliate manager that you effectively promote to, one of your prospects will be added into your personal referral network. These personal referrals may then be exposed to high-quality affiliate offers in the future as they do business with the affiliate manager that referred them to you. If you have a high-quality image and a reputation for being helpful and approachable, you can be assured that your affiliate managers will also refer you to others in their own personal networks.

When it comes to making your website easy cooking, consider using an affiliate manager that can help you grow your audience and position yourself as the resource that they need. Easy Cooking offers a unique affiliate management solution that leverages your current social media presence to generate new followers and drive traffic to your website. With over 30 million followers on Facebook and many more on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+ your social image source is unlimited. With Easy Cooking, you can create a profile, connect with your audience, share information and engage with them, all while providing useful information.

Your brand will thrive on your ability to provide quality content that your target market will enjoy reading and linking to on a regular basis. For this reason, you will want to include easy-to-use content in your easycooking affiliate marketing channel. This content should not only be short but easy to navigate as well. It should give the reader real value by answering their questions, answering their needs and providing information that will make them want to come back to your website. In addition, you can integrate easy recipes into your social media marketing channels for affiliate merchants who do not accept credit cards.

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