Affiliate Marketing Advantages And Disadvantages

Everybody likes the idea of making passive income in their pajamas on the Internet until they learn that there's a flip side to all those fancy cars, jewels, and mansions.

You actually gotta put in the work to be able to afford all that stuff.

Sure, the freedom is amazing, but working for yourself online does have it's share of disadvantages that a lot of people just starting out probably forget to factor in.


This is a big one that you'll figure out pretty soon once you start working for yourself.

It's cool being able to print digital money everyday, but when you're a solopreneur it can get pretty lonely cooped up in your apartment or house all day with no one to talk to.

But a simple solution for this is to look into coworking spaces like WeWork, that give you the opportunity to be around other like-minded entrepreneurs so you don't turn into an introverted hermit.


When you work for yourself you've got no one looking over your shoulder or telling you what to do.

This is a good thing but can also be a bad thing when starting out, because if you don't have the discipline to stay focused on what you need to do, you'll often find yourself going down the rabbit hole of spending way too much time on Facebook or binge watching Netflix...tasks which don't add money to your bank account.

Consider finding a networking event or Meetup group in your area and connecting with a couple of other people to form a mastermind, so you can all keep each other on track with your goals.

Problem Solving

When you're at a job a lot of times you have a manager or some sort of superior giving you instructions and you just execute those tasks.

But when you're working for yourself when you get stuck, you've got to figure out your own solutions.

You have to become really good at problem solving and asking the right questions so you can quickly get the answers you're seeking.

This process can be a lot less frustrating if you have a solid network of other marketers you trust that you can reach out to when you're stuck.

And you want to be building this network of peers long before you ever really need their help.

So, it's a good idea to start finding and attending live events and conferences where you'll have the opportunity to meet and build relationships with all sorts of other marketers that can help you when you have a problem or you're struggling.

So, those are some of the struggles of being a solopreneur and working for yourself that you don't hear a lot of successful entrepreneurs bragging about online (because let's be honest, they're not that sexy).

However, the big pay off is that once you put in the hard work necessary the FREEDOM you can create for yourself is pretty incredible.

Nothing beats being able to do whatever you want to do, whenever you want, wherever you want, with whomever you want, as much as you want.

And I can guarantee you that it doesn't take anywhere near a million dollars to achieve that dream lifestyle you see pictures of all over the Internet...

You know...the ones with Ferraris, mansions, exotic travel destinations, etc.

So, if you're looking for a simple way to create that FREEDOM lifestyle that everybody's chasing and a system to help you design the life you deserve, I encourage you to check out my course SEO Affiliate Domination, which will teach you a proven step-by-step blueprint for how to create a sustainable passive affiliate income online.

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