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Affiliate marketing is an online marketing model where a business compensates third party publishers to generate leads or traffic to its products and services for free. The affiliates are usually affiliates, who are rewarded for their efforts to promote the business on the Internet. The business pays the affiliate a commission based on the amount of traffic or lead generated by the affiliate. The third-party websites usually have banner advertisements, pop-ups and other types of promotions that generate traffic.

Affiliate programs have been around since the early days of the Internet when search engine optimization was in it's infancy. As the Internet became more popular, affiliate marketing became one of the most successful marketing strategies. Affiliate programs also became one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to market online. Today, affiliate marketing has a heavy presence on the Internet, with millions of marketers signing up and billions being paid every year.

Most affiliate marketing campaigns today target only a specific niche market. The two most popular general affiliate marketing programs are pay-per-click (PPC) and pay-per-sale (PPS). There are many affiliate marketing Espressional programs that target a broad range of audiences such as healthcare professionals, financial professionals, e-book publishers and others.

One of the biggest trends in affiliate marketing today is email service. Many affiliate programs offer email services in addition to pay-per-click and pay-per-sale programs. These email service platforms include Aweber, Get Response, Constant Contact, Kompozer, Getresponse, iContact and Yahoo! Answers. Some of these platforms provide all the functionality necessary to run an effective campaign including lead capture, subscription capabilities, follow-up communication and analytical reporting.

Another trend in affiliate marketing strategies is to partner with affiliate marketing software. This type of platform allows affiliates to manage multiple campaigns, track their performance and make changes to their campaigns at any time. For example, some affiliate marketing software provides tracking for PPC campaigns and sales letters. Platforms that include email marketing software also provide tools for content creation, management and promotion of articles and blogs.

One of the hottest areas of affiliate marketing today is e-commerce. With hundreds of millions of people shopping online, affiliate marketers have realized that promoting products for sale on the Internet is a sure-fire way to make a profit. E-commerce affiliate marketing includes everything from product reviews to website development to merchant account processing and payment processing. In recent years, many businesses have come up online to provide merchants with affiliate programs and merchant accounts. With e-commerce, affiliates not only earn a commission for every sale they generate, but e-commerce merchants often provide incentives such as free merchandise or gift cards to attract customers.

When setting up an affiliate marketing site or affiliate program, an individual affiliate can choose to sign up with a content-based, content-rich or search-based affiliate program. Content-rich affiliate programs are those that feature both text and graphics, and search-based programs are those that are focused on searching for a specific keyword phrase or set of keywords. Some content-rich affiliate programs allow affiliates to post their own original articles, while others may use affiliate marketing site widgets that allow affiliates to post keywords directly into their website content. To maximize the potentials of a search-based affiliate marketing program, it is best to choose affiliate programs that can take advantage of relevant keywords, such as those that focus on beauty products, or household items.

Regardless, of the methods used to generate commission, affiliate marketing programs are very rewarding for the individuals who participate. Because affiliates earn a percentage of the overall revenue generated by a merchant's product or service, there is no cap on the amount of commissions that an affiliate can earn. For example, a merchant can have two different affiliate marketing programs that pay out completely different commission percentages. An affiliate marketer can maximize his or her earnings by recruiting other affiliates and persuading them to participate in the programs. As a result, an affiliate marketing program can be very lucrative for an individual affiliate.

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