Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners

What I love most about affiliate marketing is that it's something anybody can succeed with.

The barrier to entry is extremely low.

It doesn't matter if you're 13 or 65.

And you don't have to have a lot of money to get started.

Now, there are a couple of different approaches to affiliate marketing...

One is using FREE traffic and the other is using PAID traffic.

In this article I'm going to highlight how the free traffic method works, since it's the method that is going to be most relevant to the majority of people getting started making money online.

So, affiliate marketing is pretty darn simple.

Basically there's a ton of products and services on the planet to create content around and promote and most of those products, softwares and services have affiliate programs.

These affiliate programs pay you a commission for referring others to their product or service.

It's very similar to a sales position at a corporate job - except you work at your own pace and there's no mandatory sales quotas to hit.

So, What Do You Need To Get Started?

Not much.

Really just a domain name and web hosting.

A domain name is kind of like the filename of your website and the web hosting is where all the files are stored online.

So, the domain name just points to the web host, because if you didn't have the vanity URL you'd have to remember a whole bunch of numbers to access a website, which no one has time for.

Once you've got your domain and web hosting connected, install a free blogging platform like WordPress.

From here it just comes down to creating relevant content, and over time that content will start to pull in traffic from popular search engines.

Once you have traffic that pretty much translates into dollars.

Some tips for writing content are to focus on long tail keywords, which are longer search phrases.

These have far less competition, which means they're easier and take far less time to rank for.

And if you're wondering how many articles or posts you have to write before you start to get some traction...

I'll share what a very successful CPA marketer buddy of mine, who gets all his traffic from SEO, said once...

"You're probably only about 500 articles away from an extra $10,000/month"

I know 500 seems like a lot, but you can easily write 2-3 articles per day...

Which means it's only going to take you a few months to reach that point.

Now, the other part of the affiliate marketing equation, when it comes to free traffic or SEO (search engine optimization), is backlinks.

I would definitely say concentrate more on creating high quality content...

However, backlinks are certainly important.

So, once you get your long tail articles written, I would use a link building tool like Money Robot and send some Low competition or Medium competition campaigns at your posts.

But the main thing that's going to guarantee your success is to ensure you're being disciplined and consistent with creating content.

Again, affiliate marketing is super simple and something anyone can do and succeed at.

I don't care if you're still in high school or you have a family and work two jobs.

If you can commit to even just 1 hour per day...

In just a few months you can succeed with affiliate marketing.

Some Additional Tips Are...

If you have a bit more of a budget, one way to speed up your results with creating content is to outsource it.

You can also scale this same long tail keyword strategy by applying it to YouTube videos and creating video content based around lots of long tail keywords.

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