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Join the Standbys: affiliate marketing mastery. This is a newbie's guide to affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing Mastery is now available at Tanner Fox. Get Affiliate Marketing Masters at your fingertips, no need to wait.

In this module, you will learn how to generate leads and convert them into sales using the Google AdWords Content Network, Google AdSense and Facebook's Connect Commerce modules. The Connect Commerce module in particular is useful for internet marketers who have an ecommerce site. It uses the Pay Per Click (PPC) module to display relevant ads based on keyword searches. The AdWords Content Network module displays relevant ads from affiliate marketing partner websites.

In this module, you will learn about Google's latest paid advertising system called AdWords. This system is a result of intense research by Google's researchers and is very useful for affiliate marketing mastery. The goal of AdWords is to provide advertisers with a massive amount of traffic at a low cost. In this module, I will show you some of the most effective ways to make money with AdWords.

Facebook Marketing Tips - related groups, forums, groups, pages and events and other social media sites are a few of the many ways to generate traffic and leads with Facebook. There are many great examples in this section related to affiliate marketing masters. Facebook Marketing Tips includes information on creating group pages, creating interesting events and sharing content. There are many more examples in this section. These include: Using Facebook Widgets, creating Facebook photo albums, using Facebook videos and linking your Facebook profile to your blog.

Email Marketing Tips - in module 5 I will teach you how to successfully use email marketing. In this module we will discuss emailing your potential customers, creating and sending newsletters, how to write a good email content, using internet ads and affiliate marketing. If you are new to email marketing or unsure about using email to market, there are many free resources at Facebook to help you learn and master the techniques. The topics covered in this module cover: how to write email content that converts, building and running an optin list, how to create sales emails, how to write powerful sales messages, and so much more! These tips are a few of the many techniques and strategies that I have developed over the years to generate income with affiliate marketing and internet marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery - in modules 2 you will learn the absolute top three ways to make money online. These include affiliate email marketing, pay per click search engine advertising and pay per lead direct mailing. These affiliate marketing tips are related to the topics covered in the introductory module. In this module we will discuss: selecting the right affiliate programs to promote, the best places to submit your affiliate links, how to write effective sales letters, creating landing pages that draw traffic, and the power of social media.

Private FFA Group - in the first module you will learn the absolute top three ways to make money online by promoting affiliate products. This module will also introduce you to the private label reseller program and affiliate network. This is probably my favorite module because it gives you a chance to make lots of affiliate sales in a short period of time. Private FFA groups are often very profitable because you only share the profits with a handful of people. I highly recommend starting a private folder on your own network because it will allow you to build a business rapidly and without the hassles of sharing profits with hundreds of other members. This module is recommended for affiliate marketers who want to learn more about creating their own home business and are already comfortable with online marketing.

Email Marketing Training - This module gives an in depth look at how successful affiliate marketers have made money using email marketing. You will learn the basics of how to build and maintain an email marketing campaign, how to write powerful email messages, how to write sales letters, and the most important thing, how to start understanding the sales funnel and how to own traffic. This module focuses on the most important parts of email marketing and provides great tips and strategies for maximizing your email marketing campaigns. This module is recommended for those who already have a strong understanding of online marketing, email marketing techniques, and are comfortable writing email messages and selling affiliate products. I would highly recommend this module if you're looking to start understanding the sales funnel and how to own traffic.

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