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Affiliate marketing is basically a form of performance-based entrepreneurship in which a company compensates one or more affiliate marketers for every customer or visitor brought about by the affiliate's marketing efforts. In simple terms, it's all about bringing targeted prospects to the advertiser's website and getting them to sign up for whatever product or service that the advertiser is offering. In the simplest of terms, affiliate marketing referrers are the marketing arm of an affiliate program. Marketing consultants, SEO experts and business owners hire them to do just that. They're responsible for bringing traffic to a company's website. And the one who brings the most customers or visitors to the advertiser's site, is rewarded with a percentage of the revenues.

There are a number of affiliate marketing programs online today. Most of them employ some form of cost per action (CPA) strategy to reward consumers who visit their websites. Other affiliate marketing programs are more cost-per-lead. Still others use what's called "CPA multiplied by sales" or CPA multiplied by lead times. Still others still use what's known as cost per sale (CPS) in their affiliate marketing programs. But the vast majority of affiliate marketing programs use what's known as cost per action.

Cost per action (CPA) marketing works like this: the affiliate marketer, once a consumer has clicked on his or her way through to the advertiser's website, will be charged a fee. This fee is often different for different types of actions. For example, if a prospective buyer comes directly to a merchant's page, the affiliate marketer will not be charged anything. But if the prospective buyer comes to the affiliate marketing web page and then proceeds to click on a link that takes the user outside of the merchant's site, the affiliate marketer may be charged a fee. Regardless, of which way the customer goes, however, the affiliate marketer receives a commission.

This cost per action affiliate marketing model is widely used because it can produce a high amount of revenue for little, or no, effort. Because affiliates are paid only for those customers who actually make a purchase - that is, they are charged a fee - it eliminates any possible middle man or middlemen and thus greatly reduces the potential for affiliate marketing scams. The fact that affiliates earn a fixed amount per sale makes it very simple for new affiliates to start earning money right away. The fact that affiliate marketing programs can be established quickly and are based only upon performance makes the model very attractive to entrepreneurs.

The other main benefit to an affiliate marketing program, which many people are unaware of, is that it can be set up almost immediately. All that needs to happen is for affiliates to agree to promote or sell products or services. Once these things have been agreed to, affiliates can begin generating revenue almost immediately. This can be especially helpful to new affiliates who may not have much money to invest in their new ventures.

One more great benefit of an affiliate marketing program comes from the fact that it can be shared and duplicated. Because affiliates get paid for every sale, they can put a tremendous amount of energy into advertising their promotions. They do not need to spend time creating a large advertising budget, since their commission will take care of this for them. Also, because affiliates do not have to spend money upfront to create advertisements, their costs are relatively low. This cost efficiency makes affiliate marketing programs particularly attractive to small business owners who are just getting started. The small commission fee required to join an affiliate marketing program can be made up fairly quickly with sales commissions.

Affiliates often use e-commerce platforms to help promote the products or services that they are promoting. If your business has e-commerce content management systems running, you may wish to consider including some of your affiliates on the distribution lists of these systems so that they can promote your products effectively. An e-commerce affiliate marketing program allows you to keep all of your business's assets in one location, making it easier to manage and run. By having all of your affiliates listed on the distribution lists of your e-commerce platform, you can also increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. The distribution lists are especially useful if you want to target a particular geography or demographic.

In conclusion, affiliate marketing programs offer marketers many ways to make money online. It is best to choose affiliate marketing programs that fit your personal interests and talents. Also, be sure to choose affiliate marketing programs that fit the niche that you are interested in pursuing. Finally, do not be afraid to experiment with different methods of advertising in order to see which ones bring you the most success. The most successful marketers are those who change their marketing methods regularly and are willing to try new methods. By doing so, they are sure to be constantly innovating, which ensures that they always remain up to date on the most important trends in the industry.

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