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Affiliate marketing is simply a form of performance-based advertising in which a company compensates one or more affiliate marketers for each visitor or client brought about by the affiliate's marketing efforts. There are affiliate marketing silos existing in which different companies, perhaps even different countries, work together to offer their affiliate marketers training, advice and sales materials. But what happens when a company has a very weak system for evaluating an affiliate marketing campaign?

Step 4 - A weak affiliate marketing guide. In a good affiliate marketing guide, there should be several things that one needs to do to start getting paid. For one, you should sign up with the merchant. And step four should include the actual steps on how to get started. If you are not given those steps, it would be prudent to look for another similar website.

Step 5 - Social media. Some affiliate marketing guides recommend promoting your blog in order to build a social media profile that can be promoted in various ways. One of the most important steps here is to know all the social media networks that your prospective customers can potentially use. Some of these are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and others. Knowing the best ways to promote your blog will give you ideas on the types of promotional methods that you can use to increase traffic and convert them into customers.

Step 6 - Make money blogging. If you are an affiliate marketer who wants to make money as quickly as possible, promoting affiliate marketing products is one way of doing so. As such, there is no need to spend months on training just to get started promoting products. Instead, you can focus on using the methods and strategies to promote and make money through blogging.

Step 7 - Build a blog and start blogging. If you are promoting affiliate products for affiliate marketing, promoting affiliate marketing products and building a blog can be your ticket to being able to earn lots of residual commissions. With your own blog, you can effectively promote affiliate products and make money. But, you should note that you will not earn large commissions through your blogs immediately. You will need to consistently update and promote them in order to get the desired results from it.

Step 8 - Create a revenue stream. Once you have a loyal audience and have converted your blog into an affiliate marketing revenue stream, you can then choose to offer other products to your audience. The most popular means of doing this is through pay per click advertising, which allows advertisers to pay you every time one of their visitors clicks on one of your advertisements. This will allow you to earn commissions for each click.

Step 9 - Build an email list. As an affiliate marketing professional, having an email list is one of the best assets you can ever have. This is because your subscribers can potentially become your buyers and you can create more opportunities to earn commissions. To build an email list, you should make yourself accessible through social media platforms and email marketing. Offer free reports or free gift cards to your subscribers, who then can be converted into potential buyers once they receive your emails.

Through affiliate marketing, you are able to promote affiliate programs that can be beneficial to both the marketer and the audience. It can also be a fun way to work at home while earning some extra income. Your audience can benefit greatly with your recommendations and as a marketer, you get to earn extra money without the hassle of dealing with inventory, fulfillment or customer service issues.

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