Affiliate Marketing Stratagies


Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative and growing opportunities online today. Affiliate marketing can be a viable business model even for people who have only a little experience. Many affiliate marketing schemes exist which offer different types of affiliate marketing programs and business plans. Some of the common affiliate marketing strategies are discussed below.

Seasonal Trends - Seasonal patterns in business promotion and sales patterns are quite common. It is natural for users to search for particular items at a particular time of the year. There are many affiliate marketing schemes based on this principle. For example, advertisers will be ready to advertise for one season or holiday before shifting to the next. Affiliates will do well to promote items that are popular during that time period such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween and New Year.

Platforms Like Facebook and Twitter - Major social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter have a huge following of users. These platforms can prove to be very lucrative for those making money from affiliate marketing promotion methods. By promoting relevant products and services, affiliates can increase their traffic, which ultimately leads to increased revenue. The platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer users many ways to connect with others, such as publishing posts, sharing images and videos and commenting on various issues.

Affiliate Program - One can promote various affiliate programs and schemes through an affiliate marketing campaign. An affiliate program generally provides a link which points the affiliate marketers to a specific product's website where they can promote the product. The cost involved in such affiliate programs may be minimal, but it is important to note that there are still other costs involved. There are ongoing maintenance fees and commission fees that need to be paid. Hence, for new affiliate marketers, it is recommended that they join only affiliate programs that have low or no up-front cost.

Social Media Platforms - Major social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and others have become hotbeds of activity for target audiences. This means that businesses and marketers can easily reach their target audience affiliates. In fact, there is no restriction on the type of content and ads that can be promoted through these platforms. It is also important to note that this revenue stream has a ceiling, so it can either stagnate or even diminish over time. Thus, it is advisable that the businesses join some of these platforms early to grab the share of this revenue stream.

Buzz Feeds - A buzzing allows publishers to post quality content about their target audiences. The buzzed enables readers to "like" or share the content. This helps in affiliate marketing methods to get started because when readers "like" the content, they can share it to their network, friends, followers and so on.

Subscribers or consumers - Subscribers are the source of new traffic for affiliate marketing efforts. Consequently, an affiliate marketer must always try to get new leads for his/her business. One effective way of doing so is by utilizing the subscription services provided by the various subscribers who want to receive updates on new products and promotions.

Affiliate Link - In affiliate marketing, one of the most effective ways of promoting a product or service is by using affiliate links. These affiliate links are hyperlinked within the various social media platforms. For example, when someone searches for "pet grooming", an affiliate link may appear on the search engine page when the keyword "pet grooming" is typed. The affiliate marketer just has to follow the link and promote the business through social media platforms. Therefore, it is advisable to create high quality, relevant and useful content in order to improve the chances of generating quality leads and traffic for affiliate marketing programs.

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