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Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing and most profitable businesses on the internet today. Affiliate marketing has been around almost as long as the internet itself. The concept of affiliate marketing is really very simple: An affiliate marketer, who acts as a middleman between a merchant and a customer, receives a certain percentage of each sale or purchase. The merchant (the seller) pays the affiliate a commission for referring customers. This is often done through a pay-per-click system. Many affiliate marketing programs are pay-per-performance, which means that the affiliate is paid only for actual results - such as when a customer buys a product or service - rather than for simply clicking an advertisement.

One of the biggest advantages to using this pay-per-performance or pay-per-click advertising model is that it is very low-risk. Since there is no upfront cost for the merchant, there is little risk for either the affiliate or the advertiser. Affiliate marketing has grown substantially due to its low-cost, high-overhead structure.

This is one reason why affiliate marketing is so successful; many people do not realize how much money can be made with it until they have made a profit themselves. The commission that the merchant pays the affiliate represents a great deal of the profit potential. It is also easy for new affiliate marketing shoppers to break into this business because there are very few costs associated with the whole process. Even though there is a commission paid, there is no guarantee that you will make any money.

Pay per action or pay per impression advertising models, on the other hand, do not give affiliates any guarantees of revenue. For example, if you are a major discount store chain, you could advertise your own individual discount offers for free and refer people to your main website. In this case, the affiliate would receive commissions only when someone purchases something through the link they provided. As you can see, there are a number of differences between the two models and the kind of commission paid is directly related to the investment required.

So, how can you get started in affiliate marketing? A good place to start is to sign up to a webinar hosting service. There are a variety of free webinar services available; you should choose the one that best suits your needs, such as FreeMarketing News. When you sign up for a webinar, you will typically be given a unique URL from which you will promote the merchant's products. Most services have built-in video capabilities, which will make it easier for you to give tips and instructions. If you do not feel comfortable using the equipment required to conduct the webinar, you can ask your webinar provider to provide you with a support desk number.

Another way to get started with affiliate marketing business is to join a referral program. These programs will pay you a commission on any sales that result from your referrals. Some of the better programs include Commission Junction, ClickBank and PayDotCom. You will be responsible for sending visitors to the merchant's website. The more traffic you send to the merchant, the larger the commission you will receive.

A third way to get started with affiliate marketing is to consider becoming an affiliate marketer yourself. There are plenty of opportunities available for self-directed affiliate marketing, including creating your own product to sell and promoting other people's products through your affiliate network. Many marketers have made a great deal of money just by being involved with an affiliate marketing network. However, if you are new to this industry, it may be wise to spend some time working with an experienced marketer who can show you the ropes. You will need to invest some time and money to learn the different aspects of internet marketing and you will need to be consistent in your approach if you want to succeed in this business endeavor.

You can become an affiliate marketer without spending a lot of money, but you will not have the support and guidance that an experienced marketer will offer. The success of affiliate marketing depends not only on your ability to market the merchant's products, but also on the merchant's ability to advertise and promote his or her products effectively. If you do not take the time to learn about advertising and promotions, you can expect to make a lot of mistakes. You will have to work closely with a marketer and learn all of the tricks of the trade, before you can start to see a profit. If you are willing to put in the effort, there is no reason that you cannot become an affiliate marketing superstar.

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