Best Expired Domain Research Tool

Before we get into what some of the top recommended expired domain research tools are...

Let's first define what an expired domain is and the benefits of using them.

What Are Expired Domains?

So, when the term expired domains is thrown around, it's usually implied that the expired domain not only has age (it's older than at least a couple of years)

But that it also has some authority or quality backlinks pointing to it.

With SEO (search engine optimization), expired domains give us kind of a head start in ranking or at least getting our site crawled and indexed by Google and the other search engines...

Because it already has some rapport built up, so we're not necessarily starting from scratch.

What Are The Main Uses Of Expired Domains?

Most SEOs use expired domains to either...

  1. Build an authority website on...OR
  2. Build a PBN (private blog network) with

For building an authority site or a money-making site, you would just build your new site as normal...

But starting with an expired domain as opposed to a brand new domain that had never before been used gives you a massive advantage upfront

And the benefit of usually skipping the sandbox that Google and some other search engines place your site into initially before they start to crawl and rank it.

The other way to use expired domains is for building your own private blog network.

A private blog network is just a fancy term describing your own network of high authority websites that you use mainly to rank your money websites.

Since these expired domains have age and authority in the eyes of search engines like Google, links from these sites are pretty powerful and can help move your website, video or other property up in the SERPs in a relatively short amount of time.

So, those are the two main ways that most SEOs use expired domains.

What Metrics Should I Look For When Investing In Expired Domains?

Every expired domain site and service out there is slightly different on the kinds of metrics you can filter by...

But here are a handful of metrics I usually go by when selecting expired domains, which can at least give you a foundation for picking domains with decent authority...

Age: 3+ years old
Trust Flow: 10+
Citation Flow: 10+
Extension: .com, .net, .org

And then I always like to cross-reference the domains I'm about to buy by plugging them into a tool like Majestic just to make sure there's no spammy backlinks.

What Tool Is Best For Finding Expired Domains?

I really like FreshDrop

But below are a few alternatives you may also want to check out...

Expired Domains
Register Compass

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