Best Paid Affiliate Marketing


If you are in the affiliate marketing business you may have come across some of these eye-catching claims: "The best paid affiliate marketing program is now available!" Or "This super affiliate program will make you rich." Or "The best paid affiliate marketing program is now X."

There is no doubt that the best paid affiliate marketing program has become the top choice for affiliates everywhere. Top of the charts. Fat commissions. Whatever you say it is, these affiliate-marketing programs definitely deliver some of the biggest commissions on a pay for performance basis. However, there is a dark cloud of doubt hanging over the head of those who are interested in earning a commission.

The truth is that a lot of these so called best affiliate programs are not really what they claim to be. It's a shame really because a lot of these affiliate marketing schemes are nothing more than a cleverly worded web page. You really do get what you pay for with some of these so called best affiliate programs and that is if you are prepared to search out the real gems. The reality is that if you are willing to do some work then you can earn some decent money.

My personal experience with affiliate marketing has taught me one thing. There are two types of affiliate programs - and that is the type of program where you actually get paid for getting started and the type of program where you are paid for selling the products and earning your commission only after the sale is closed. The two types of affiliate marketing, I will discuss are: Amazon and JVZoo. The difference between them is that with Amazon, you are getting started by simply creating an account. On the other hand with JVZoo you are getting paid to market a product once you join the program.

The first method I will reveal to you is called constant contact. Constant contact consists of writing articles and blogs for your product owner's site, posting links in your forums, social networking on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, etc. All this will result in you earning commissions.

The other method is to market a JVZoo product and earn commission each time you sell a product or services. This is done by becoming an affiliate for JVZoo and then promoting their products through your own website and blogs. If you write enough articles and blogs related to the JVZoo product and JVZoo service then you will earn commissions from every sale you make. Obviously the higher your traffic (visitors) to your website is then the better chance you have of earning commissions from sales. Constant contact is the only way to achieve this.

The last method we will discuss is called cookie lifetime commission transfer. This is when your customer purchases a product or service from you and then uses your affiliate link to make a purchase within 60 days. Each time a visitor uses your link, you are entitled to one cookie lifetime. If your marketing strategies are good you should earn high commissions on these types of affiliate program offers.

As I said at the start of this article, this has been a brief review of some of the best commission rate affiliate programs around. However, this is not an exhaustive list. For more information about some of the best affiliate programs available today I highly recommend reading a product guide or getting professional help from Internet Marketing Coach. There are many product guides available that offer help in selecting the best affiliate programs to join. By hiring a coach you can get help choosing the best affiliate programs for you and then build a successful business in the shortest time possible.

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