Best SEO Rank Tracker

When it comes to keyword rank tracking tools, a lot of the more popular solutions that exist are more of an all-in-one suite of tools...

Where tracking the rankings of your keywords just happens to be one of the features.

And while some of those tools do a great job...

I always prefer to use tools that specialize in one thing and do it very well.

Which is why I like to use a tool called ProRankTracker for keeping track of all my keyword rankings.

ProRankTracker is not only extremely robust but it's also surprisingly more affordable than most rank tracking softwares out there.

Some of the things I like most about ProRankTracker include...

  • It has a very generous free plan (great for newbies or those on a budget)
  • It has some nice features that make your job extremely simple if you're doing SEO for clients
  • It's cloud-based, so nothing to download or install
  • It has excellent video tutorials, help docs and support

And they're always adding new features and making it better

So, if you're serious about search engine optimization, and you're looking for an awesome SEO rank tracking and reporting solution...

I would highly recommend checking out ProRankTracker.

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