Blog Sites That Allow Affiliate Marketing


If you are a blogger, you might be wondering if affiliate marketing is for you. It might seem too complex or too time-consuming. The fact is, it's easy to get started with affiliate marketing if you choose the right blog sites to market to. When choosing a blog site, it's important to choose one that will make the process of affiliate marketing easy. Affiliate marketing helps bloggers earn a commission from merchants whose products are promoted on the blog. Bloggers who have an account with the blog sites that allow affiliate marketing can benefit from this marketing strategy in several ways:

Build a community of loyal readers who trust your opinions. Your subscribers can help you market affiliate products and make money online. With the income you earn, you can provide other opportunities for your subscribers. As your readers become more active, they are more likely to buy affiliate products. As an affiliate, you earn per sale--per sale!

Engage your readers. Instead of trying to sell something to every blogger out there, focus on contributing value. You can't just sell products; you also have to share information and build relationships. As an affiliate marketing blogger, your readers are a great place to do that. Include reviews of the merchants that are featured on your blog--this helps you build trust and gives you a way to communicate with your readers.

Create an affiliate marketing help blog. Do you have a knack for blogging? If so, you can use your blog to offer affiliate marketing help. Ask other blogger what they would do first when they start their affiliate marketing business. Post their answers on your blog, along with tips on how to start your own blog, and soon you will have a network of affiliate marketers who can offer advice and support.

Provide value. You can't expect to earn bloggers a lot of money by just offering affiliate marketing products. You have to engage with your readers, offer tips and helpful articles, and encourage them to visit your blog or join your membership site.

Pay per referral. Some affiliate marketing programs allow you to earn a per referral fee. You can offer incentives for bloggers to refer their friends, colleagues, or customers to join your list--or you can simply give a commission for referral sales.

Build a community around your blog. You don't have to stop there. As you continue to attract more visitors, consider making your blog open to the public. This will give you an opportunity to earn another set of loyal bloggers--and it's good practice to have one of your own blogs, as well. This strategy is probably the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners to try out.

Twitter. Finally, start following other people on Twitter. As soon as you notice a person you'd like to follow, send them a tweet that says something like "You're following me, Followed Me!" It's a light-hearted way to let someone know that you think they are brilliant--and that you want to connect with them as much as possible.

List your handy resources. Your handy resources are those affiliate products and services that you've either used yourself or are very familiar with. These should be part of your marketing arsenal. Include them in your autoresponder signature file, and include a link to each product in your list. Remember to also list your top six most used affiliate marketing tips, along with their descriptions.

Share your handy resources. This is important. When you have great content--quality content that is truly useful to your prospects--you become an irresistible asset to companies who want your opinion. This is why so many affiliate marketers list their handy resources at the end of their articles: it helps them build an impressive list that's already been screened and categorized for easy searching.

Offer smart passive income opportunities. Many affiliate marketers make a list of their most wanted affiliate marketing tips, along with their websites, and then create short, high converting videos or reports about them. They then offer these videos or reports for free to anyone who signs up to their list. If someone likes what they see, they often opt-in, and if they like what they get, they'll often forward the information to their friends.

Take advantage of social media. Social media allows you to connect with your target audience on an even deeper level. You can offer useful tips and ideas through Facebook and Twitter, and you can view latest posts get email contact information from interested parties via Facebook fan pages and Digg. In addition, many people use Facebook, Twitter, and Digg to search for great online marketing blog marketing information.

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