Free Solo Ads Advertising

Remember the old adage "you get what you pay for"?

Well, that statement is true with solo ads as well...

Unless you do what's known as a solo ad swap, which is where you mail for someone in exchange for them mailing for you...

So that each of you can help build each other's lists without having to actually pay for clicks.

One of the most popular sites and services for solo ads swaps is Safe Swaps.

However, obviously before you are able to do a solo ad swap you will need your own email list.

And one of the fastest, simplest ways to build your email list from scratch is by investing in solo ads.

To help save you some time in trying to figure out which solo ad vendor or service is the best, I recommend starting with a site called Udimi.

Udimi is the largest marketplace for solo ads vendors and is a fast, affordable and safe solution for growing your email list on autopilot.

Once you build up a solid list of at least a few thousand subscribers then you can start doing swaps on a regular basis to increase the size of your list for free or very little investment.

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