Google Analytics Basics For Affiliate Marketers

Google Analytics is an amazing tool.

Even better that it's free.

But it's also incredibly robust and a little overwhelming.

However, the great news is that you don't have be a master of the tool in order to still get a lot of value out of it.

I'm certainly no expert myself, but in this article I want to introduce you to a few key metrics that I pay attention to as an affiliate marketer.

The Main Google Analytics Metrics I Pay Attention To

Pageviews: I like to know how many people are visiting my pages each month which helps me better calculate how much my average visitor is worth. To get this number simply take the amount of revenue your site is generating and divide that number by either the Pageviews or Users to your site.

Bounce Rate: I don't stress over bounce rate since I can't really do all that much if someone just decides to click the back button or click away from my site after they land on it. However, as a general rule I do try my best to keep my bounce rate around 50% or below. Some ways to do this are to make sure you create high-quality content that's also very engaging.

Average Session Duration: As a general benchmark I try and keep this number at least above 1 minute. Time on site is a factor that Google uses to determine the authority of a website, because if someone lands on your site from their search engine and they stay there for several minutes, it communicates to Google that your website is a great solution to whatever their search query was. Some ways to increase the average time on site is to include engaging media like relevant videos.

Demographics: I don't pay too much attention to these, however if you're also running paid ads, understanding what the average age range and gender of your audience is can certainly help save you some marketing dollars and better target your ideal customer right out of the gate.

Queries: Located under Acquisition > Search Console > Queries. This is extremely valuable data, because as you start to gain more traction and traffic to your website, Google will tell you the exact search phrases that people are typing in to find your website. When you know this information you can give those terms and content a little more attention to help optimize them and increase their ranks within the SERPs, which will bring in even more organic traffic to your site.

So, those are a couple of the main metrics that I pay attention to when using Google Analytics for my niche affiliate websites.

Obviously the more you master this tool the more dangerous you'll become as a marketer.

But, again, you don't have to be a Jedi Master with Analytics in the very beginning.

Just get started.

Pay attention to the data that you understand.

And you'll get better and better over time.

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