How To Earn Money With Hitleap

How To Earn Money With Hitleap

I discovered Hitleap a few years ago.

Hitleap is a traffic exchange network.

And I like it because it's got a very intuitive interface.

If you want to earn free traffic that you can then send to your sites and online properties...

You can download their free software for Windows or Ubuntu and it will autosurf pages from other members.

In exchange you will earn credits, which you can then redeem for hits and views to your own sites.

Additionally, if you want to speed things up, you can just buy hits and views...

And they can definitely deliver a lot of views.

I'm not sure what their limit is, but I've sent over two million views a day to websites consistently with no problems.

Now, the downside to using Hitleap is that it is basically "bot" traffic, which means in most cases it's not real human visitors.

And, somehow, most traffic networks can detect this.

So, there's a couple of ways that you can leverage Hitleap.

The first way is that you can setup your own servers, and run multiple instances of the Hitleap software...

Earn lots of views.

And then use those views to send to your sites.

The other way is to buy the views (which are extremely inexpensive)

And try to find a traffic network that you can send that traffic to (even though it's bot traffic) profitably.

Now, when I first learned about Hitleap I was just direct linking to a site called

I was profitable for a little while, but eventually I started losing money.

So, I tried many other traffic networks, but in several tests I couldn't find that perfect traffic arbitrage formula that would allow me to print money on autopilot.

That doesn't mean it doesn't exist though.

There's so many different combinations you can try.

I still like Hitleap, I just haven't been able to crack the code just yet on a profitable arbitrage system that's sustainable.

However, if you do, and decide to sell your strategy to others, an additional way you can earn money from Hitleap is by referring others.

Their referral program allows you to earn free traffic as well as a percentage of whatever is spent on buying traffic from the people you refer.

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