How To Flip Domain Names For Fun And Profit

Years ago I came across a blog article about a guy that was in his mid 20s, who regularly made multiple five figures per month online...

Simply flipping domains.

Now, we're not talking about the kind of domain flipping where you invest in expensive branded domains and then resell those to a higher bidder.

All he was doing was picking up brand new domain names for just the cost of registration...and flipping those to local businesses, over and over.

Now, I had heard of things like this during the dot com boom, in the early days of the Internet, so I thought the idea of flipping domains was a lost art and there was no more opportunity in that.

But, this was about 2011 or so, so it was way past the dot com bubble.

Now, I mention that story to reinforce that you still didn't miss the domain flipping gold rush.

Flipping domains for easy profits is something anyone can still do, and it's even easier to do these days.

Now, what the guy I mentioned above was doing was simply buying the domain name and that's it.

No hosting.

No building and monetizing a website to go along with the domain.

Just the raw domain.

Very simple.

So, you can do it that way if you want, and there are plenty of people that just like to invest in and sit on domain names.

But, a lot of others that may be browsing these domain marketplaces like Flippa, are searching for domains because of the traffic or the cashflow that they're already bringing in.

So, one way that you can increase the traffic and authority to a website is to juice it up by pointing a lot of powerful links at it.

This can be done with a PBN (private blog network) of links or by using link building softwares like Money Robot.

Again, doing this increases the authority and metrics of a site, which make it much more valuable than just a domain name that has zero links pointed to it that nobody knows about.

So, hopefully that gives you some ideas and inspiration.

However, I'm not the seasoned expert when it comes to domain flipping.

So, if you'd like to learn more about how to flip domains effectively, then I recommend checking out Domainer Elite.

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