How To Get A Free SSL Certificate With Cloudflare

I'm definitely no expert when it comes to techy things like SSL certificates.

But, I do understand that by having an SSL certificate installed on your website, it does protect the data of your visitors a little more than if you had an unsecured site (non-HTTPS).

That's why you see most brands and companies have HTTPS in front of their domain name instead of HTTP.

Having an SSL certificate is pretty much essential if you're selling anything on a website, and even non-techy people can be scared away if you're asking for payment on your site and you don't have an HTTPS URL.

Now, when SSL certificates started to become more mainstream I avoided them for a long time.

Honestly it was because I didn't truly understand them...

And also they weren't cheap.

But then services like Cloudflare popped up, and since they offer the option of a FREE SSL certificate, it's kind of silly not to take advantage of it.

The other benefit of making your site HTTPS is that it's been said that Google favors these domains over ones that are non-http, which helps your site with ranking and SEO.

I'm not sure if this is 100% true, but it certainly makes sense.

So, How Do You Get Your FREE SSL Certificate From Cloudflare?

It's actually really simple and only takes a few minutes.

Just follow this short video tutorial

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