How To Make Money Selling Kindle Books

Kindle Direct Publishing launched is 2010 (nearly a decade ago at the time of me writing this post).

And why that date is so ridiculous to me is that it's still ridiculously simple to make money selling Kindle ebooks...

Yet, I guess most people on the planet simply don't know that.

A few years after the Kindle Marketplace launched I mustered up the courage to publish my first title.

And within a few short weeks I had already made over $100 - off of a $1.99 ebook!

That's crazy.

Now, unfortunately I didn't stick with it.

But a friend of mine did.

He started around the exact same time as me in the fall of 2012 and in about 3-4 months he had scaled his Kindle income to over $10,000/month!

And the even crazier thing was that he had developed a system that was for the most part completely automated.

The only "work" he did was logging into his account to see how much money he was making.

I know that sounds like a fairytale - but he's not the only one.

And Kindle is still a MASSIVE marketplace and opportunity that you can succeed with - even as a beginner - and build a solid passive monthly income for yourself that can quickly replace your boring 9 to 5 JOB you love so much (kidding).

So, if you're interested in learning how to build your own Kindle publishing empire that cranks out cash on autopilot each month...

And this is something you can absolutely do on the side and will only take a few hours each month...

Then I encourage you to check out the same system my friend designed and used to start from scratch and scale his Kindle business to generating over $10,000 per month in just a few short month.

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