How To Promote Clickbank Offers Using Bing Ads

One of the oldest, most popular, and easiest affiliate networks to get started with is Clickbank.

And one of the fastest methods of getting results online is paid traffic.

PPC (pay-per-click) is one of the more popular paid traffic sources, especially for beginners.

Pay-per-click basically works like SEO (search engine optimization) but on steroids.

So, instead of optimizing content perfectly and waiting for it to rank, you just pay to show up.

However, when it comes to promoting affiliate offers, or, more specifically, direct linking to affiliate offers, huge networks like Google AdWords aren't usually that friendly.

But, luckily Bing Ads is a lot more open to affiliate marketers and allows you to direct link to your affiliate offers.

So, if you're just getting started with: affiliate marketing, promoting Clickbank offers, or Bing Ads in general this is something that works.

Now, to give yourself a little more of an edge though over all the other newbie and intermediate marketers out there I would highly recommend doing these few things to improve your chances of success and ROI with running with Bing Ads to affiliate offers.

1) Focus on bidding on longer tail keywords. You can use free tools like for ideas and suggestions.

2) Invest in a tracking tool to help you measure conversions and optimize your campaigns so that you're not wasting money bidding on keywords that don't convert.

3) Check out other courses on Bing advertising like AdSkills or do a search for "bing" on sites like getWSOdownload.

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