How You Can Get Paid To Write About Anything

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a way that you could get paid to write about whatever it is you want to write about...

Without the pressure of things like deadlines or clients?

Just a really simple way that you could earn several hundred extra dollars a month, on the side, in your free time?

Well, now there is...and it's called GoRead.

GoRead a relatively new platform that's pretty cool.

They basically reward their users for contributing content on the site, as well as for helping to share the word about GoRead and spreading the platform across the web.

How To Earn Money With GoRead

There's several different ways that you can earn money from GoRead, but the simplest and most popular method is by completing the requirements to qualify for shares of the Global Revenue Pool.

The Global Revenue Pool represents a portion of all the sales collected each month by GoRead, and in turn are shared with the most active members of their platform.

There's only a few tasks you're required to complete each month to qualify for shares of the pool and those tasks only take a few minutes each day.

Other ways you can earn money from GoRead include...

  • Selling your own books or products
  • Referring other members to GoRead
  • Promoting products and services using their ad platform
  • And from referral sales of other GoRead products like their Publicity Pack and Authority Factory

So, if you've been searching for a simple method that will allow you to easily earn an extra couple hundred dollars per month from just a few minutes a day of "work", if you can even call it that...

Then, I recommend checking out GoRead today!

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