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If you are reading this, chances are you already understand that DON'T recommend affiliate marketing for new bloggers. Never thought this would happen to me, although I had been an affiliate marketer for several years. In 2 short years, the money I make has gone from bringing in only $20k per year to over $80k/yr, and still am on track to get to that million-dollar figure in a few more years. I wasn't any different than most of the other affiliate marketers in that I wanted to make as much money as possible and didn't care if I had to spend much time or effort doing it. And with affiliate marketing, you can make a lot of money quickly. But learning how to do it right is important, so I'll share what I've learned along the way.

Most affiliate marketing programs today are using either Amazon or Google as their main source of hosting. There are also many other well known hosting companies that offer affiliate programs. While the big dogs like Amazon and Google have always offered high-quality hosting, you can get a lot out of these companies for less by going with one of their smaller, lower cost competitors. That's why you see so many ads for "free hosting" or "affiliate programs" on my blog.

In addition to getting high-quality web hosting, you can also get income reports and tracking for your website. Affiliate income reports let you see where all of your traffic is coming from, which can really help you make money. For example, did you know you could measure where your visitors came from, what pages they clicked on, where they stayed, and which keywords they used? Having this kind of information is extremely important when you are trying to make money with affiliate marketing.

Another important thing affiliate income reports will tell you is where your traffic is leaving your site. This can tell you how profitable your site is or even whether or not your efforts are working. Did you know you can track your website speed and compare it to other similar sites? Did you know you can see who's clicking your affiliate links and find out where they're going on your site? If you don't know how to do all this manually, there are software programs that will take care of it for you.

One important point to keep in mind is that you need to constantly be improving your website. You want to constantly be improving your website speed and getting more traffic. It is very easy to get distracted by things like affiliate sales pages, click-through rates, etc. If you want to be successful at affiliate marketing, you need to be working hard to improve your site. Even if you just use affiliate sales pages as a way to increase your income, make sure you keep them properly monitored. You'll also want to include the tracking on your website hosting account so you can see what your visitors are buying from your affiliate links.

One last tip: make sure your affiliate marketing programs are giving you the most up-to-date information. The older the site, the more up-to-date information you'll need. This can be especially true with older affiliate programs that are still active like Yahoo stores and Microsoft stores. As well, the older the sites that have been around longer, the more likely you are to find valuable information about affiliate programs. The best affiliate programs are often those that have been around for a long time because they are still providing the best information.

With all of these tips, it should be very easy to get traffic and make money with affiliate marketing. Now all you have to do is put everything together and start making money. Make sure you monitor your site so you can get the most up-to-date statistics and make sure you're maximizing your efforts. And finally, don't give up. You can make money with affiliate marketing. If you stay focus on your goals and monitor your progress, you will be successful.

Affiliate marketing is great for newbies and long-time marketers alike. You can take complete control of your online business by controlling not only your own website but also the affiliate links that you use. You can create a long-tail keyword strategy and get targeted traffic to your site easily. And finally, you can set up a blog or WordPress site easily and quickly and have a new marketing outlet to make money from.

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