OMG Machines Review (2020): Is It The RIGHT Investment For You?

I GUARANTEE you won’t find this same information anywhere else online (unless some other person attempts to steal it from this page)

Before I even get started, I just want to first assure you that I am an actual OMG member and own the product. I’m not just some random affiliate trying to make a quick buck.

Ok, so with that out of the way, here we go…

A Brief Summary Of OMG Machines

OMG stands for "One Man Gang," referring to what they turn you into. With this program you'll have systems and tools powerful enough to make money online all on your own, and you'll be a very attractive joint venture partner, consultant, etc. 

OMG trains new people, completely from scratch, to be Digital Marketing Agents, with their proven 90-Day system which gives you a massive advantage as online entrepreneurs, and/or consultants and/or as a reliable and profitable career path.

OMG Provides ongoing research, training, and tools to veteran DMA's to keep them plugged in, plus provides an amazing community of new and veteran DMA's helping and encouraging each other.  

OMG has about 1000 active members in its coaching program, and about 1000 earnings reports from members who are earning money with the Digital Agent skills and monetization methods they teach.

Their extreme success is rooted in reality: OMG is a partnership of several Agent-Coaches who have their own separate business doing what they teach about (such as Google SEO consulting, sales funnel creation, and other related Digital Marketing services and projects). And they show what they do step-by-step, from scratch, and demonstrate what they do using a unique Over-The-Shoulder approach.


The History Of OMG Machines

OMG came about from a product that Mike Long and Kelly Felix (creator of The Rich Jerk information product) teamed up to launch together a few years prior called Bring The Fresh, which was an info product on Clickbank that taught people a very basic version of what is explained inside of OMG.

Inside the Bring The Fresh community was where Mike found Greg Morrison, who would take the time to help and answer tons of questions inside the forum and community that went along with the product.

Mike pulled Greg from Bring The Fresh and I believe OMG was started around 2012.

I’m not sure on the exact date, but I joined pretty early on which was in the late fall of 2013.

The core team of OMG includes Mike Long, David Mills and Greg Morrison.

And then there’s a handful of others like Joshua Fletcher, Joe Marfoglio, and Liz Herrera who serve as coaches that regularly contribute on live webinars with various trainings.

Many of the coaches and special webinar guests are people who started out in the OMG community as newbies, but then went through the OMG training, and as a result, eventually achieved massive success.

David is the mastermind and the behind-the-scenes guy.

Greg does most of the testing and experimenting, and a lot of the video lessons inside the members area.

And Mike is the one who builds JV relationships with other influential figures to help market and promote the product.


My Story With OMG Machines

In the fall of 2013 I was looking to really figure out and understand affiliate SEO.

I had gone through several affiliate marketing and basic SEO courses in the past, but I still didn’t have a firm grasp on all the pieces to the puzzle.

By chance, I stumbled upon another marketer with an SEO product who referred me to check out Alex Becker’s SEO blog Source Wave and suggested that I get on his list.

Shortly after I got on Alex’s list, he sent out an email about an upcoming webinar, so I signed up.

And that’s where I was introduced to Mike Long and OMG.

It was much different from any other webinar I had attended previously.

Mike and everybody else he mentioned just seemed like regular, down-to-earth people.

Not flashy gurus in fancy suits promising Lambos and mansions from a "push-button" software.

And the extraordinary results that these seemingly “average” people were getting with SEO was insane.

They shared a ton of proof and income screenshots, and then would actually bring the people that submitted them live on the webinar. 

It was very engaging and interactive.

And the positive energy was so contagious that it got me to take a leap of faith and join that night. 


What Do You Learn Inside Of OMG?

I joined OMG because I was interested in mastering affiliate SEO, but there’s a heavy emphasis on client SEO. 

The reason for this is that client SEO is one of the fastest and simplest methods to get cashflow coming in ASAP with what you learn inside of OMG.

Once you have that cashflow, if you'd like to start creating some affiliate income, simply combine it with the techniques and strategies you’re doing for clients you can slowly wean yourself off of client work.

I had ZERO desire to ever work with clients.

But, looking back, it probably would have sped things up significantly for me as far as making my money back from OMG and achieving financial freedom a lot quicker.

But, it is what it is.

Either way, I stuck with what I wanted and it eventually worked out :)


What Do You Actually Get Inside Of OMG Machines? 

So, this is basically what it looks like inside of the OMG members area.

Yes, I’m aware this isn’t the most updated version, because I purchased OMG back in 2013. Which, back then, was called Project X.

Since then they’ve come out with several different versions. But, from what I gather, they pretty much teach mostly the same information.

There’s a lot of useful content inside. However, it is a TON of information to go through and digest.

At the time, I was very serious though, so I devoured it all and took the time to go through every single lesson because I really wanted to understand the entire landscape of SEO.

I had been through some SEO training in the past, however, the information that was taught inside of OMG was what ultimately connected all the dots for me and gave me what I was looking for in regards to how to rank content in search engines confidently.

Especially in regards to backlink building and creating PBNs (private blog networks).

Now, in addition to the members area, there is also a very active Facebook group you’ll get access to, that’s very helpful for getting questions answered from other members.

They also have live webinars all time to introduce you to new and useful products, softwares, and offers to promote.

And then, lastly, they typically have at least one big live event each year called OMG Live (I'm not 100% sure if they still do this though).

My advice though is to not get too caught up in the webinars. They’re usually designed to sell you more and more high ticket offers. Which, don’t get me wrong, the products and solutions they're sharing are usually amazing, but if you’re always spending your money on whatever they’re pitching, you’ll never get any traction with the core training. And in 6-12 months you’ll be beating yourself up because you’ve got all these sexy softwares you've collected, but no resources left to actually take action with them.


Who Else Is A Part Of The OMG Machines Community?

There have been quite a few very successful marketers who have come out of the OMG program or gotten their start there.

A few names you might recognize are: Alex Becker, Luke Maguire, Gregory Ortiz and yours truly :)

OMG Machines Income Proof

There’s all kinds of income screenshots and earnings reports that are posted pretty much on a weekly basis within the OMG Facebook group of results that people are getting with the various strategies OMG Machines shares and teaches.

Here's a couple...


FULL list of OMG Machines earnings reports


The OMG Machines Facebook group is a very positive and motivating community, which seems to create sort of a contagious snowball of results.

If you stick around long enough you’ll see people evolve from coming into OMG and basically having almost nothing at all to having complete breakthroughs and making six figures or more PER MONTH just a few months later.

It’s pretty cool.


OMG Machines Pricing 

There's no way to sugarcoat this...the price of OMG Machines ain’t cheap… 

Which means you can can’t approach OMG and compare it with other digital products out there that you may have purchased in the past.

The way I justified the cost was I compared it to the price of a typical higher education degree.

It's way more affordable than going to college...and you're actually learning a skill that can directly make you money, instead of graduating from college with a list of credits, credentials, and certifications that are most likely useless in the real work...and then crossing your fingers hoping that a company is nice enough to employee you.

And the fact that OMG is priced higher than most other "make money online" programs you'll find is a good thing because the caliber of people it attracts to the community as a result of this are usually top notch.

I’m not sure exactly what the price is going to be a the time of you reading this. However, there is usually a one-time price, and then sometimes they’ll also have a monthly payment plan option in addition.

I had to do the payment plan when I joined, which I could barely even afford that at the time. But I was super serious and I convinced myself that if I got results with what I learned inside then it would all be worth it.

It did take quite a bit longer than I had anticipated for me to earn my investment back…but it eventually happened.

And now I make the price I paid for OMG multiple times a month in affiliate commissions.

So...yeah, it was worth it.

My Affiliate Income Reports


Realistic Expectations

So, how long is it realistically going to take for you to earn your investment back with OMG?

That’s a great question…hopefully my response will provide some insight and direction for you. 

If you’re interested in client SEO or choose to go that route first, regardless of whether you might ultimately be interested in doing affiliate SEO, that is going to be the fastest way for you to get a solid amount of cashflow coming in.

However, if you decide to go the straight affiliate SEO route like I did, and you have no desire whatsoever to work with clients, then it’s most likely going to take you a bit longer to get some traction, simply because it generally takes a bit of time for Google and the other search engines to start moving your content up the SERPs...even if you're doing everything right.

With client SEO, you could realistically have money coming in within a few weeks, if you take massive action.

And if you’re doing affiliate SEO, I would give yourself a solid 90 days in addition to however long it takes you to consume the OMG training to start seeing decent results.  


Want To Learn More About OMG Machines?

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OMG Machines EXCLUSIVE Bonus

As I mentioned above, in the OMG training that I went through (Project X), there was a heavy emphasis on client SEO. That may have changed over the years in the updated versions. However, to my knowledge, I don’t believe it has.

That being said, affiliate SEO is what I mainly concentrate on. Which simply means I get paid a commission for promoting other people’s products and services.

I don’t have any clients. I don’t have any employees. And I really like it that way.

I make way over six figures a year now (most of which is NET profit) with affiliate marketing using SEO.  

And I have a course called SEO Affiliate Domination that teaches the same strategies and methods I’ve used to go from barely making just a few hundred dollars a month to making several thousand dollars a day in passive income consistently.


SEO Affiliate Domination SUCCESS STORIES


I realize that OMG Machines is quite an investment.

It’s a good one. But it is expensive.

And since I do receive a commission if you decide to purchase it using my affiliate link on this page, I want to reward you by giving you access to SEO Affiliate Domination as a BONUS.

While you can make a lot of money with client SEO, most every person in or outside the OMG community that’s doing client work secretly kind of hates it.

Trust me. I've spoken to a lot of people over the years.

They’d rather take a massive pay cut if they could just have some passive income coming in on autopilot, without them having to work every single day and look after clients.

So, that is what I’m going to teach you how to do.

And I’m going to show you how to do it without a massive budget.

One of things I'm not crazy about with OMG is that while they do teach you WHAT to do to get content ranked in search engines, some of the tools and softwares they suggest for doing so are, in my opinion, not super newbie-friendly or they’re pretty expensive.

And, I want you to know that there are other options.

I mean OMG, again, isn’t a cheap course. So, if your financial situation is currently anything like mine was when I joined, it was kind of a stretch to invest all this money in the OMG Machines and then try to figures out the means to afford all the other “essential” tools OMG recommended to actually implement everything.

Trust me. There are several more inexpensive ways to get significant traction with SEO so you can actually afford to invest in all those cool tools and softwares that will speed everything up, save you a ton of time, and make your life a lot easier.

There are things that I know because of OMG that I will not be teaching inside my training, that's why I recommend it. Because I'm kind of lazy and don't want to reteach things that you can find elsewhere.

But, there are things inside my training in regards to affiliate SEO that you will NOT find in OMG Machines nor any other course or product on the whole Internet...seriously.

And it's probably a lot of the stuff you've been wanting to know now for awhile, wondering to yourself if there's actually a solution.

I'm gonna teach you how to think like a marketer, so that you're always thinking outside the box and staying ten steps ahead of the competition.

By the time a new "trend" comes around and starts to increase in popularity, you'll have already known about it, rode the wave, and cashed out before all the other marketers figure out that it's a good niche to try :)

So, again, if you decide to invest in OMG Machines today using my affiliate link that you’ll find above, once you make your purchase send me an email at seoaffiliatedomination@gmail [dot] com and once I confirm your order I’ll hook you up with my EXCLUSIVE bonus.


Thank you for your time.

I hope you've found this review helpful.

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