Do You Need A Social Security Number To Get Paid By The Quora Partner Program?

I've been in the make money online space now for over a decade.

And during that time I've seen lots of "opportunities" and money-making schemes come and go.

Some worked.

Some were just outright scams and pyramid schemes all together.

But, no matter how much money you and I make...

I don't think anyone is immune to wanting to believe there's a way out there to "get rich" with very little work.

You know, the "push button" money machines the gurus always try and sell us?

Just copy & paste and you can make MILLIONS!

Well, unfortunately I haven't found the path to online El Dorado quite yet...

But, recently I did stumble upon a pretty simple method for making money consistently online that I would have LOVED to have landed in my lap years ago when I was starting out and broke.

It's called the Quora Partner Program.

You may be familiar with it, you may not. (At the time of me writing this, post the Quora Partner Program has only been around for a little over a year)

Anyway, the main thing you need to know about the Quora Partner Program is it provides a very simple way for anyone to be able to make money every single day...

Simply by asking questions and helping questions get answered by other people.

That's it!

How To Get Invited To The Quora Partner Program

You can't start making money with Quora until you've been invited to join their Partner Program.

So, how do you do that?

Well, they don't really spell that part out for you on their website, so here's some tips...


If you ask 10-15 questions a day for approximately 60-90 days you'll increase your chances of being invited to their program.

If after 90 days you still haven't received an invitation, you can email [email protected] to let them know that you would like to join.

They'll review your account to make sure you're a good fit and either approve your or give you more info to help ensure you get approved.

How Much Can You Earn With The Quora Partner Program?

This varies depending on the type of questions you ask and help get answered.

But, taking a look at their Question Value Insights, which you can find in your Partner Program back office, can provide you with some excellent data and direction towards the kinds of questions you should be asking in order to earn more.

Here's an example...

My Results With The Quora Partner Program

I took 60 days to focus and try and figure out how to best optimize the amount of money I could earn participating in the Quora Partner Program.

The first 30 or so days I was learning the ropes, but started making from day 1.

The first week I was making about 10-20 cents a day.

By week 2 I had already had my first $1 day.

And then by month 2 I was consistently earning $3-$5/day.

I earned a little over $200 in the first 60 days.

Since then I've been busy with other projects.

However, the interesting thing that I've noticed was that things have continued to compound.

In month 3, even though I haven't asked a single question this month, my days are now between $5-10.

So, I'm making more money this month for work that I did during the last 60 days...pretty cool.

How To Get Started With Quora

First, sign up for Quora (which is completely FREE)

How To Scale Your Income With The Quora Partner Program

If you're a marketer considering trying to "game" the Quora Partner Program I'm gonna go ahead and stop you right here.

Quora is smarter than you.

I would HIGHLY discourage you from trying to pull anything shady or sneaky in an attempt to exploit profits from their platform.

There are, however, some simple things you can do playing by the rules that can increase the amount you're able to earn with the Partner Program without having to use a lot of brain power to come up with questions that people are wanting to find the answers to which haven't already been asked by other members.

To learn more about about the really simple system I developed...

Which literally just involves copying & pasting and clicking a few buttons...

Check out Quora Partner Program Profits

Oh...and the entire system can even be outsourced profitably, so you never even have to lift a finger :)

What I Love About The Quora

One of the things I love most about Quora is that they're helping do something which I teach inside my course SEO Affiliate Domination, which is create lots and lots of high quality long tail keyword content.

Questions are naturally longer search queries.

They're very specific and people really want to know the answers to these questions...

The only problem is that even though the internet has been around for several decades at this point...

And there's tons of content online

There's still very little quality content and answers to exact questions that people are typing in.

So, Quora is helping with that.

And by participating on Quora, you're helping to fill up the internet with quality answers to specific questions that people are searching for.

And, if you haven't already noticed this as well, Quora questions and posts rank really highly in the search engines, which is why a lot of marketers and affiliates are interested in it right now.

To learn more about how you can start leveraging platforms like Quora to make passive income with affiliate marketing (outside of what you'll already be earning by participating in their Partner Program) I invite you to check out my course SEO Affiliate Domination.

Or, you can also click the link below to check the FREE Affiliate SEO Course I put together, which will introduce you to the basics of what I teach more in-depth inside the full course.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're just starting out or you've been searching for a really simple way to make a pretty consistent couple hundred dollars a month...

  • WITHOUT having to learn a new skill
  • WITHOUT having to get in front of a camera
  • WITHOUT having to pester friends or family to join your NEW "opportunity"

I would encourage you to check out and participate in the Quora Partner Program.

You can then use the money you earn to invest in other tools, resources, or coaching that can help you earn even more money.

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