Small Ticket Affiliate Marketing Sucks


When you are new to internet marketing, affiliate marketing is definitely one of the top ways to increase your income. In fact this is probably how many people begin earning residual income online with affiliate marketing. According to Wikipedia: Affiliate Marketing is an advertising practice in which one business compensates another for the results that result from the efforts of an affiliate (or his or her agents)... It is sometimes called "pay per sale" marketing. Affiliates, in general, may provide a service or product for which they receive a payment when they have been sold a product or service by a customer through their efforts.

In order to earn affiliate commissions, you simply need to find a product to market and build a website or list. The better the product, the more affiliate commissions you can expect to earn. This is why you can easily earn affiliate commissions by promoting the latest products available on the internet. But you also can earn affiliate commissions from other areas, such as:

What you are likely to find is that most affiliate programs offer small commissions for a variety of reasons. Many times you will be offered a small commission on each sale that you generate for the affiliate. Others offer small commissions on certain purchases, certain services, and on various traffic sources. For example, some affiliate programs will pay you a small commission per lead that you generate. And others offer small commissions on only new sales of a product or service.

Regardless of what you earn in terms of affiliate commissions per year, it's a great way to build a residual income that can continue to grow over time. And with a residual income, you don't have to invest any money in order to benefit from it. This is important if you are looking to start your online business on a budget.

So, now we know what affiliate commissions are and what they do for us. What about small companies? Do they offer small commissions? Yes! Here is how they do it:

They offer high ticket affiliate programs. These are the types of programs where you can earn a large amount of affiliate commissions, but the payout comes on a high ticket basis. For example, let's say you promote a hot new digital camera on the internet. You get a commission, but only if someone buys that camera. This is where high ticket affiliate programs come into play.

A high ticket affiliate program might offer an affiliate marketing link directly to a manufacturer of the digital camera. Then, instead of selling that camera directly, you would sign up as an affiliate for the manufacturer's product page and sell that link on your website, newsletter, or blog. Every time someone buys that camera through your affiliate link, you receive a commission. So, even though you have never really bought a digital camera before, you are earning affiliate commissions by promoting it. Now, this isn't much of a big deal, because most people don't care about that sort of thing anyway, and if you want to make money online, you have to offer something of value to your customers.

That is the secret to making money online with affiliate commissions. Don't be a high ticket affiliate, and offer something of value to your customers. Offer them a free newsletter, ebook, Ezine, video course. Anything they want to advertise, you can provide. And as long as you keep producing high-quality content, you will continue to earn affiliate commissions.

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