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If you aren't using Instagram by now, you ought to be. Instagram is the fastest growing Social Media Platform on the planet. And it is chock full of active users.

Sure, you can post pictures and enjoy the nice comments and"likes" that follow.

But if you are serious about marketing, then you need to be using stories.

Story posting is growing 15x faster than Newsfeed posting, and the engagements is much higher as well. And when Instagram added the"swipe up" feature this past year, it introduced one of the most powerful marketing tools on the planet.

Not only do stories have more engagement, they look at the TOP of Facebook and Instagram. They are so simple for users to watch, because they just play one after another.

And 300 million from 500 million Instagram users post to their story EVERY DAY!

On Facebook, 10% of users do more with stories and less with submitting. And this number is growing EVERYDAY.

And with"swipe ", you can tell your story and just have users swipe on it rather than clicking a link. This is 1,000x more fun for the user than clicking on comments, scrolling down, and tapping on a link.

This idea is quite revolutionary once you consider it. Let's tally the facts:

  • Instagram is the fastest growing social networking platform in the world
  • Users are posting stories 15x over posts
  • Stories appear at the top of Facebook and Instagram
  • Swiping up is far cooler than clicking on a link

Leveraging the power of stories is absolutely critical for anybody who wants to take their marketing to another level. In fact, 15-25% of story viewers respond to the call to action in a story. Of those responses, 59% go to a shoppable page.

And when it comes to tales, this is a vastly untapped marketplace. 

Social Media Has Been A Big Deal For A While, Right?

Definitely. And plenty of people have taken advantage of this. Creating pages and profiles, running paid advertisements, creating engaging groups, and so much more are done to drive traffic.

But advertising costs are increasing more and more every year.

However, I've got great news: Allow the advertisers fight over cost.

Earn money by telling your own story.

Like anything, doing something right requires time and energy. That's just life.

However, with StoryMate, telling your story does not need to. 

StoryMate just made your life a lot easier. Because it automates the process of telling your story.

StoryMate is the world's first"story" tool for assisting you to automate and schedule stories. It creates and posts them so you can drive huge traffic to your website.

It permits you to create stories that are professional, with amazing quality, and above all, HIGH CONVERTING!

Use StoryMate Templates To Instantly Create Beautiful Stories

StoryMate comes with tons of pre-made templates, specifically designed for Facebook and Instagram. It is the first tool in the world that allows you to do all this on your desktop and create content that's ready to be uploaded to your Instagram and Facebook story.

There are templates especially for swipe up, email opt in, download link, market specific, and so much more. Use these templates to quickly create stories which are ready to be uploaded immediately. 

And there is more than just templates. In fact, you never need to get in front of the camera at all.

With StoryMate, upload whatever material you want, and even use royalty free content with unrestricted access.

StoryMate gives you all of the tools that you need to create stories efficiently, and to post them immediately.

It runs in your web browser, meaning that you can access it on any device, both mobile and desktop. For the first time , create a story on your own desktop and place it immediately.

Start working on one device, then simply login in on another device to pick up right where you left off. Finished?

StoryMate Price

Something which works great, is easy to use, saves you tons of time, and can begin earning you a great deal of money fast in an untapped market must be expensive, right?

At just $47/mo. , you can begin using StoryMate now with unlimited access and unlimited renders. Create as many stories as you would like. Use royalty free footage as much as you desire.

With all that time saved and money made, it's hard to believe it can be this easy. That's the power of StoryMate.

Click Here to try StoryMate today! There's no need to wait.

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