The Future Of Email Marketing

Well, I never thought I'd be someone to write an article like this, but I honestly think email marketing might be getting closer and closer to extinct.

Is Email Marketing Really Dying?

Well, I used to say absolutely not...

And thought those clickbait headlines were just cleverly constructed by sneaky marketers and designed to get you to click or their ads and articles...

But then I discovered chatbots.

If you've never heard of chatbots before they've actually been around now for a couple of years, at the time of me writing this...

And I kind of ignored them at first as just a passing fad...

But then I saw the results.

And, compared to email open and clickthrough rates, chatbots blow the average email results out of the water.

Chatbot results are kind of like how email marketing was about 15-20 years ago.

See, unfortunately, these days there's so much more noise and things we're distracted by, that even though we still use email...

Unless it's something really important it's not like we're running to our computers anymore, excited to read what someone has sent us in an email, like the glory days of email back in 1998.

Now, sure, email marketing is still responsible for millions upon millions of dollars in sales each year that would not have happened otherwise...

But, if you're an online marketer running a super lean operation and you're looking for that edge or marketing strategy that's going to get you more bang for your buck, I would definitely start looking into chatbots.

Here's how chatbots stack up against traditional email marketing results...

  • A good email open rate is somewhere between 10-30%
  • A great clickthrough rate is anything higher than 1% (pretty darn low)

  • On the flip side, chatbots generally get a 100% open rate
  • And about a 80-95% clickthrough rate

That's a HUGE difference!

So, imagine only having to market to a much smaller audience, but getting significantly better conversions and making way more in sales!

That's the power of chatbot technology.

Now, I'm certainly not the go-to expert when it comes to messenger bots, but here are some excellent resources I recommend checking out...

Bot Academy by Andrew Warner

Messenger Bots For Entrepreneurs by Nico Moreno

So, in summary...

In regards to email marketing, it's certainly not something that's going away anytime soon at all.

But, I do believe it's becoming more and more obvious that the primary means to get the response rates that traditional email marketing has gotten in the past is certainly shifting to other platforms.

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