Top Content Curation Tools For WordPress

Several years ago I heard the term content curation and kind shrugged it off and forgot about it.

Then, years later, when I finally revisited the idea, I was kicking myself for not implementing it sooner, because it's so simple.

So, What Is Content Curation?

All content curation means is you're gathering information from other sites and properties and organizing it in a unique way.

This is an extremely old business model and there are tons of platforms that do this...

Think: newspapers, radio stations, television networks, etc.

They're ALL media channels that curate and filter content from other sources.

And the reason I love this strategy when it comes to creating your own website or blog is because you don't have to stress out about coming up with high-quality original content.

You literally can just piggyback off trends and whatever else is popular, and re-organize that information on your own web property.

Now, there are several solutions out there when it comes to content curation, so I want to share a couple that I've found over the years that I can recommend...

Trending Traffic - This is a really affordable plugin that scans some of the most popular sites and helps you quickly generate trending viral content to help suck in hundreds of visitors daily.

Curation Suite - This plugin is quite robust and what I recommend if you're planning on building more of an authority blog in a certain niche from curated content.

WP Robot - An autoblogging and content curation plugin that allows you to create high-quality WordPress blog posts automatically.

So, hopefully if you're considering content curation, you'll find the resources listed above helpful.

And, if you hadn't thought about curating content as a marketing strategy, I hope this information and these tools have opened your eyes a little.

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