Top WordPress Themes For Affiliate Marketers

When it comes to WordPress Themes there are an infinite sea of options to choose from.

So, one question I get a lot from people just starting out is "What's the best WordPress theme?"

Well, that's kind of subjective, however, I do like to try and at least give people some direction, rather than just sending them back on their way to try and figure it out on their own.

Because, I understand when you're starting out you want to do things "right" and if you're not certain you're doing them right it might hold you back from doing anything at all.

So, below are a handful of the top themes I like to use on my niche affiliate websites...

Thrive Themes - There are actually several themes as well as plugins in the Thrive Themes suite of products. So, if you can just pick one or you can subscribe to the Thrive Membership and get all their themes and products. If you're looking for a specific theme recommendation I like FocusBlog and Luxe.

GeneratePress - This is a very clean, simple, and customizable theme. There is a free option, however I would definitely recommend investing in the Premium version which gives you much more options and customization.

Extra - This is a magazine theme and visual page builder powered by the Divi builder, created by Elegant Themes.

Additionally, if you have the time, you can comb through the thousands of professional WordPress themes on a marketplace like ThemeForest.

The main takeaway is don't stress or spend so much time on selecting the perfect WordPress theme that it distracts you or prevents you from taking action and actually building out your site.

I do spend some time on the frontend trying to select a modern and highly customizable theme that gives me a lot of options, so I can use it for a variety of sites and niches.

Then, once I've found a really versatile theme, I'll usually reuse that one over and over again on multiple sites until I find another theme that I really like.

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