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Affiliate marketing is an established strategy to drive sales and make significant internet sales. Extremely advantageous to both affiliate marketers and brands, this new thrust towards less conventional marketing tactics is paying off. In fact: 80% of marketers and affiliate brands to leverage the power of affiliate marketing, and statistics that will only continue to grow as affiliate marketing spending grows each year on the web. Why is this so? What makes affiliate marketing so potent?

Well, for starters it's very easy to learn these strategies and apply them. Additionally, it's not expensive to start and ongoing to maintain. Finally, it's a very good way to create and develop lasting relationships with your audience. For many people, all three of these factors are very important. After exploring those, I'm going to share two strategies you can start implementing immediately to see dramatic results...

First up, we'll talk about pay per click. Pay per click is very simple. Affiliate marketers get paid every time someone clicks on their ads from their websites. It really isn't much more complicated than that. This is one of the most effective ways to market on the web today. By driving highly targeted traffic directly to your affiliate marketing links, you'll build massive amounts of revenue.

Next, let's talk about writing content for your website or blog. Content drives visitors to your site. If you can write a quality article, you can literally get thousands of prospective customers. If you're not a gifted writer, you can still dominate your niche by providing relevant, useful content to your target audience.

The last strategy we'll discuss in this book is leverage. Leverage means having a higher authority (that's higher than you). When you have more authority, you have more opportunities to earn more money. For affiliate marketers, this usually means having a higher level of visibility within your niche. You can easily achieve this by using proven marketing techniques that will drive targeted traffic to your site. These marketing tactics include article marketing, social networking, blogging, press releases, podcasting, and others.

As you can see, there are four basic affiliate marketing strategies that must be employed by any serious marketer. These strategies are very powerful. Not only do they give you tremendous power to earn huge profits, they will also give you incredible opportunities to build large profits. Any affiliate marketing strategy worth using should always include pay per lead as one of its main functions.

That said, I must stress again the importance of not doing anything illegal or immoral. This is very important to remember if you wish to use legal and ethical affiliate marketing strategies. However, affiliate marketing remains one of the most profitable ways to earn a good living on the Internet.

So now you know the four main types of affiliate marketing strategies. Next, you must learn how to generate leads, drive traffic, and earn commissions. With these skills, you can start making money with affiliate marketing today. Just go to the website below and get started. You'll be making money within minutes.

Generating leads is the first of the four affiliate marketing strategies. Lead generation is accomplished through article marketing, social media posts, press releases, and blogs. All these help you get in touch with prospective consumers. The more people you have as your contacts, the better chance you have of selling a certain product.

Driving traffic to your site is the second strategy. Through this method, you are able to convert website visitors into leads. You earn commission based on the revenue that these prospects to generate for you. For example, if you get 100 visitors to your site, you can earn a commission of $.20 per visitor.

Last but not least, there are affiliate marketing strategies called performance-based marketing. This strategy focuses on capturing pre-qualified leads. Through this method, you ensure that you capture the interest and attention of your affiliates.

As mentioned above, affiliate marketing is all about attracting an audience. You should know how to reach out to your target audience. One effective way to do this is through giving helpful and quality content to your target audience. These subscribers will then be potential customers of your brand.

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