Who Are The Top People In Wealthy Affiliate?

I'm just gonna be straight up with you about Wealthy Affiliate and what they teach, based on my own personal experience.

So, years ago, I signed up for an account with Wealthy Affiliate.

But even back then I still already had a couple of years of experience under my belt, so I knew a few things about affiliate marketing.

And here is my opinion, based on what happened to me...

So, far as I understand Wealthy Affiliate is a community that teaches and trains people how to build niche affiliate websites, to enable them to make a full-time passive income online.


They do their best to provide an entire ecosystem of all the tools and resources people need in order to accomplish that goal.

  • They have training
  • They have a community
  • They've created their own tools for things like keyword research
  • And they also make it simple for you to get squared away with buying your domain name and setting up your hosting through them

So far, so good.

Now, all that is well and good, but at the time I joined I didn't care about niche affiliate SEO (search engine optimization) sites, because I already knew how to do that.

I just cared about making money.

And they have an affiliate program...so let's talk about that.

One thing I like about their affiliate program is that it pays recurring commissions.

Since their platform is basically a SaaS (software as a service) customers pay a monthly subscription to be a part of this community.

And if you refer enough active members in a calendar year you get invited out to Las Vegas to have a cool mastermind party with the co-founders and all the other super affiliates that referred a ton of people to Wealthy Affiliate as well.

So, that's neat.


There's two things that I have beef with in regards to Wealthy Affiliate...

The first is that, in my experience, it is ONLY a platform that caters to complete newbies.

But, if you have any experience or value to share with a community of newbies, it's basically the opposite of where you want to be hanging out.

Let me explain...

So, when I joined, I only had a couple years of experience...but I knew some stuff.

And one of their features is that they have their own proprietary blogging platform.

So, I used it to write articles and share loads of value and resources with the other members, sprinkling the content I wrote with targeted affiliate links (because I'm a marketer).

Now, I didn't do this is a spammy sort of way or anything, but if I'm going to give value, I sort of want the opportunity to receive value in return, hence the affiliate links.

If people were to follow the links I placed in the articles and took action on the information I shared, then I would have gotten a small kickback.

I certainly wasn't expecting to get rich, but one thing I've learned over the years online is that every hook in the water you have in the ocean of the Internet makes a difference.

Well, within a matter of days I had armies of Wealthy Affiliate trolls private messaging me with threats calling me a scammer because of those affiliate links and shortly after the moderators (the co-founders) removed ALL of my posts that I had taken the time to write.

So, that didn't make me very happy.

They stated that the blogging platform and community was meant to basically help answer questions from other members and to create valuable content to give away for free or in a no strings attached way...which, in my opinion, is absolutely stupid and a complete insult and waste of time for any badass marketer.

What a shitty deal, right?

So, you want me to hang out in this community and share valuable tips and resources that took me years and tens of thousands of dollars to learn and acquire for free...with zero incentive or return?

No thank you. 

And then the other thing I have beef with, which I've both witnessed myself on Google as well as heard from several other previous members who have had negative experiences like myself, is that apparently Wealthy Affiliate trains and encourages people to write articles that label certain products and SCAMS, etc. without ever having tried those products.

Now, I'm a marketer.

I understand that controversy grabs attention and sells.

But, c'mon...seriously?

Basically, they teach their customers to write articles about products that call them SCAMS, even if the author has never purchased that product or service before in their life, in order to get traffic from the search engines.

And then they point that traffic back to Wealthy Affiliate to hopefully earn money if the visitor invests in Wealthy Affiliate using their referral link.

I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but that's just not a great long-term strategy in my opinion.

Sure, there are sites out there like that like Ripoff Report, but all honest marketers hate sites like that, because they know that 99% of the content on those sites are complete lies and bullshit they use to then approach product owners get them to try and pay them a monthly fee in order to take it down.

So, do yourself a favor and don't be that marketer.

Take a little more pride in your craft.

Be ethical.

If you want to use this strategy in a better way, target and piggyback off the negative keywords associated with a brand or product and actually point the traffic you get to something positive.

There's no need to bash other perfectly good brands or products in order to try and build yourself up or a product you're promoting.

There's plenty of pie for us all to have a big enough slice to live a comfortable lifestyle by marketing ethically.

That's my two cents.


Since I originally wrote and published this post, I've met a couple of Wealthy Affiliate's top affiliates who all confirmed that they're not the biggest fans of the system they teach.

And the top Wealthy Affiliate affiliates I know make the majority of their money NOT doing what Wealthy Affiliate teaches their members.

They only promote it because the offer converts.

But, unfortunately, there aren't a lot of Wealthy Affiliate testimonials that you'll find.

If it really did work, you should see a lot more real success stories, considering it's been around now for over a decade (at the time of me writing this).

Another thing I find ironic is that they preach the Ripoff Report SCAM method but yet if you try and rank for "Wealthy Affiliate SCAM" and call them out they'll sue you.

I have an SEO buddy of mine who was ranking for this term and they went after him and made him take his review down.

However, one of MY students is currently ranking for the term "wealthy affiliate" and "wealthy affiliate review" which gets thousands of searches per month and he's redirecting all that traffic to me - muwhahaha!

So, where can you learn REAL SEO?

I suggest checking out SEO Affiliate Domination

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