The Math Of Building A Profitable Email List

I'm sure you've probably heard the phrase before "the money is in the list"...

So, let's examine why this is true and also how it's damn near impossible to not make a profit with an email list.

With an email list ideally you've collected an audience of like-minded people that are interested in a specific topic or niche.

And the benefit of having a list, as opposed to constantly having to pay for new leads and customers using paid traffic sources, is that you've got traffic on demand.

You now have a traffic source that you control.

And you're not paying to advertise to that list each time you hit "SEND".

Sure, you're paying a monthly autoresponder fee, but you've got the opportunity to make so much more money than what you're spending for your autoresponder each month, it's ridiculous.

All you have to do now is put relevant offers in front of that audience.

Let's take a look at some basic math...

One popular autoresponder charges $29/month for up to 1000 subscribers.

That means that even if you only earned $1 per day off those 1000 subscribers, you would STILL wind up making a $1 profit by the end of the month.

I like those odds.

But, I think you'll agree that it's still an extremely conservative goal if you could earn just $58/month off those 1000 subscribers.

That's double what you're paying for the opportunity to mail those 1000 subscribers.

And you can mail them as much as you want all month.

That's pretty good.

You can easily earn $58 from just making ONE sale a month.

So, if you have a targeted list of people who have opted in because they're interested in a specific topic or kind of information, and then you present them with a relevant offer...

It's very likely that a portion of those subscribers are going to buy.

Now, the quality of your list is going to vary, but here are some tips to help increase responsiveness and conversions...

  • I would recommend building your list with SEO traffic (traffic from search engines). Yes, this will take more time than using paid traffic sources, but in my experience the quality of leads has been much higher.
  • Create specific lead magnets and segment those leads you collect into separate lists based on whatever offer or lead magnet they opted in for. Then select high-converting relevant offers to match the type of content they opted in for.
  • Don't focus so much on being an awesome copywriter. Just be yourself and communicate with your list like you would to a friend if you were sharing the same information.

In summary, building an email list is one of the simplest and most lucrative things you can do for yourself.

It's extremely affordable and is the closest business model that exists to a "push button" money system since literally all you're doing is typing messages and clicking "SEND".

And, with custom autoresponder sequences you can build intricate campaigns that move subscribers from sequence to sequence and make you money on complete autopilot for years and years.

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