Why You Should Be Using Stock Photography On Your Website

I get it.

When you're first starting out you're broke and you're doing your best to bootstrap things and save as much money as possible.

So, the idea of spending money on quality images for your project, even if they are just a couple of dollars, doesn't seem like something you can afford.

I was the same way when I first got started in online marketing.

But back then stock photography marketplaces weren't as abundant as they are now and prices weren't nearly as affordable.

Now, sure, if you're just starting out and trying to make your first couple hundred or couple thousand dollars a month online, you may decide to cut corners and use free images you find on Google Images or reverse image search sites like TinEye.

But, once you start to see a little success, I encourage you to start using more professional photos.

There are even some really high quality free stock photo websites out there like Unsplash and Pixabay, so there isn't much excuse now not to be using stock photos.

The only issue with using free stock photo sites, is that although they are free, they definitely don't have results for every keyword you might be searching for.

So, to get that perfect image that is really going to enhance your blog post or article, you're going to eventually wind up having to invest in a premium stock photo.

Now, there's lots of stock photography websites out there, but one that I really like is Shutterstock.

It's got some really affordable packages and plans.

So, again, when you're first starting out and you really don't have any sort of marketing budget, you're going to be fine with using free images you find online (don't stress about about legal stuff and copyright issues, and people coming after you for using their images).

But, once you finally do start getting some traction, especially for more authority sites and long term projects, it would be very wise of you to start investing in premium stock photography.

It's going to make a huge difference.

Sign up for your free Shutterstock account today!

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