Frequently Asked Questions

I pride myself on being pretty newbie friendly. I’ve helped quite a few people get started.

But, I don’t know you…

And I don’t know where you're at in your life. 

Give the “Is This Program Right For You?” section another look and take the personality test to see if you’ll do well in the course.

Pay the price of admission and you can ride all the rides.

While some of the tools I recommend can set you back some, I will always try to find you free or very inexpensive alternatives.

From start to finish the course is about 2-3 hours long. However, I give you plenty of instructions so you should have your notebook handy.

That’s for you to decide.  

A lot of students are already earning good money 2-3 months in, but you get what you put in.

Again, it’s up to you.

The goal of this program is to help people make $100-$200 a day as soon as possible. However, I include a bunch of different scaling strategies that can help you get a bigger piece of the pie.

And most of my students soon realize that internet marketing is a pretty big pie...

I’m not interested in taking your lunch money. If you can’t afford the price then I suggest you sign up for my email list (check out the link at the bottom of the page) to get some of my marketing tips for free!

This is the internet after all and there are too many scam artists out there to start doling out freebies.

You can use SEO to promote anything: MLMs, e-commerce products, local businesses, your own information products, and pretty much any other product or service that has an affiliate program.

That's like saying “if you like salmon so much then why are you serving it for dinner?”

SEO is pretty much infinite. I’m not worried about the competition.

There’s enough to go around.

It can be.

But I’ll teach you how to totally sidestep the competition. My program isn’t about slugging it out with the top players in the space, it’s about targeting the pots of gold that they often overlook.


Not only will I be teaching you, but you’ll also find hours-long videos from past students giving you real-world advice on how to best use the course.

I want your glowing testimonial more than I want your money. If you’ve followed through and gotten a positive experience from the course then I’m happy to ship you your money back. Send me a video testimonial and I’ll instantly double your profits.

We have a very active Facebook group.

Inside you’ll be able to communicate with myself and other passive income earners. Ask any questions you may have, and get the help you need to ensure your success.

We Believe In Giving Back

10% of all revenue is donated to these charities and organizations


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