Legendary Marketer Review (2019) - Is It The RIGHT Opportunity For YOU?

Recently, my friend Jacob Caris share some of his results with a new program he had been promoting and it REALLY caught my attention. 

Here’s a screenshot of some of Jacob’s earnings….

Now, for a little context, Jacob is actually of my top students of an affiliate SEO course I have (more on that later).

Jacob got his start in the affiliate marketing world by taking my course and in just the last two years has made multiple six figures online and has been able to quit his 9 to 5 corporate job and go full-time with online marketing.

I say that just to make it very clear that this one opportunity is not the only thing that makes me and Jacob money.

If it were to go away tomorrow, we'd be fine. Because the skills we know can be applied for promoting any product, offer, or service.

The reason I'm throwing this out there is that I know a lot of people pushing biz opps focus 100% on that ONE business and if it collapses they'll probably have to go...

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OMG Machines Review (2019): Is It The RIGHT Investment For You?

I GUARANTEE you won’t find this same information anywhere else online (unless some other person attempts to steal it from this page)

Before I even get started, I just want to first assure you that I am an actual OMG member and own the product. I’m not just some random affiliate trying to make a quick buck.

Ok, so with that out of the way, here we go…

A Brief Summary Of OMG Machines

OMG stands for "One Man Gang," referring to what they turn you into. With this program you'll have systems and tools powerful enough to make money online all on your own, and you'll be a very attractive joint venture partner, consultant, etc. 

OMG trains new people, completely from scratch, to be Digital Marketing Agents, with their proven 90-Day system which gives you a massive advantage as online entrepreneurs, and/or consultants and/or as a reliable and profitable career path.

OMG Provides ongoing research, training, and tools to veteran DMA's to keep them plugged in, plus...

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SEO Strategies For Affiliate Marketing

SEO (search engine optimization) is actually pretty simple.

It mainly comes down to two things: on page SEO and off page SEO.

On page SEO just means optimizing your content to rank for certain keywords.

The main elements on the page you want to make sure and include your target keywords are your Title and URL.

As far as the body itself don't worry so much about using the exact phrases you're going after word for word...

It's more important that you concentrate on providing as much value as possible and writing for humans instead of trying to keyword stuff and trying to maintain a certain keyword density.

The other half of the SEO equation is off page SEO.

This just means backlinks or links from other high authority or relevant sites pointing to the piece of content you're trying to rank.

Off page SEO is also pretty simple - it mostly comes down to...

  • The authority of sites linking to yours
  • The relevance of the sites linking to yours
  • And the number of sites linking to yours


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Free Solo Ads Advertising

Remember the old adage "you get what you pay for"?

Well, that statement is true with solo ads as well...

Unless you do what's known as a solo ad swap, which is where you mail for someone in exchange for them mailing for you...

So that each of you can help build each other's lists without having to actually pay for clicks.

One of the most popular sites and services for solo ads swaps is Safe Swaps.

However, obviously before you are able to do a solo ad swap you will need your own email list.

And one of the fastest, simplest ways to build your email list from scratch is by investing in solo ads.

To help save you some time in trying to figure out which solo ad vendor or service is the best, I recommend starting with a site called Udimi.

Udimi is the largest marketplace for solo ads vendors and is a fast, affordable and safe solution for growing your email list on autopilot.

Once you build up a solid list of at least a few thousand subscribers then you can start doing swaps on a regular...

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What Is The Average Salary For An Affiliate Marketer?

Honestly there really isn't an "average" salary for affiliate marketers because there's so many different skill levels when it comes to online marketing.

Most people that call themselves affiliate marketers have probably made less than $100...

While on the high end others make six or even seven figures every year.

However, the magic number that I've found most people are aiming to hit when they first dive into the world on affiliate marketing is about $100-$200/day.

Sure, everybody likes the idea of driving Lambos and Ferraris and partying on private jets and expensive yachts...

But the reason why, for most people, $100-$200/day is all they need is that it's all that's standing in between them and having to be at their dreaded 9 to 5 job for 40+ hours every week.

The great news is that $100-$200/day is really not that hard to achieve, even if you're just getting started and know nothing about making money on the Internet.

Now, there are a lot of different methods and strategies for...

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#1 Solo Ads That Convert (For Any Niche Or Market)

Solo ads are a very popular method of driving traffic.

Mostly because they're fast, easy, and newbie-friendly.

The downside is that the lower the barrier to entry the more likely you are of getting screwed and taken advantage of.

Unfortunately, since a lot of people who invest in solo ads are brand new marketers they don't even know that they might be getting taken advantage of or how to even figure out if they are.

Which is why I don't just like to blindly recommend resources without testing them myself.

So, if you're considering investing in solo ads or you've maybe tried solo ads in the past and are looking for a reputable solution to help you scale...

Then I recommend Trafficforme.

A couple of reasons I really like Trafficforme are...

  • They have a very intuitive back office and make it really easy to order
  • They're prices are super competitive
  • They offer a large volume of clicks in a variety of niches (not just biz opp/make money online)
  • They make it easy to create automated and...
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How To Make Money Selling Kindle Books

Kindle Direct Publishing launched is 2010 (nearly a decade ago at the time of me writing this post).

And why that date is so ridiculous to me is that it's still ridiculously simple to make money selling Kindle ebooks...

Yet, I guess most people on the planet simply don't know that.

A few years after the Kindle Marketplace launched I mustered up the courage to publish my first title.

And within a few short weeks I had already made over $100 - off of a $1.99 ebook!

That's crazy.

Now, unfortunately I didn't stick with it.

But a friend of mine did.

He started around the exact same time as me in the fall of 2012 and in about 3-4 months he had scaled his Kindle income to over $10,000/month!

And the even crazier thing was that he had developed a system that was for the most part completely automated.

The only "work" he did was logging into his account to see how much money he was making.

I know that sounds like a fairytale - but he's not the only one.

And Kindle is still a MASSIVE...

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Affiliate Marketing For Dummies Blueprint

Affiliate marketing is actually pretty darn simple.

It basically just comes down to getting the right offer in front of the right target audience.

And if you do it right, you don't even necessarily need to be great at driving traffic, copywriting or conversions.

So, what are the main elements of affiliate marketing?

1) Select an offer

I suggest starting with an affiliate network rather than a site that has a private affiliate program.

The reason for this is when you are apart of a network, like Shareasale or Commission Junction, you'll have the opportunity to apply for multiple products and services to promote within that network.

This is better when you're just starting out since most affiliate networks and programs have a minimum payment threshold before they'll pay you out. That number is usually around $100.

So, since you're a beginner you might make a sale, but your commission might only be $10.

With a private affiliate program you would have to wait longer to get paid out, but...

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5 Simple Ideas For Creating Passive Income With Affiliate Marketing

There's so many different ways to make money online, but here are a list of just a couple that are all really simple and inexpensive to start, which each has the potential to generate you enough passive income to live a very comfortable lifestyle.

Start A Blog

I know it might sound hard, slow, and boring, but it doesn't have to be.

Pick something you know a lot about and are passionate about already.

The main tools you need to get started are a custom domain name and a web hosting account, both of which are only going to set you back a few dollars.

Then you can use a free tool like KeywordTool.io to get ideas and suggestions for topics to write about and over time you'll start to attract organic traffic from the search engines.

Once you get traffic making money is easy.

Sign up for affiliate networks and mention relevant products and services in your blog articles or add banners the sidebar of your site and eventually you'll start making money from creating content about...

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Solo Ads For Weight Loss Niche

One of the most popular niches for solo ads is the biz opp and make money online space.

But that's not the only big niche out there.

The top 3 super niches are: health, wealth, and relationships

So, there's definitely a LOT of money to be made outside of the make money online industry.

And solo ads for these other niches work the same way as they do with buying clicks for a biz opp offer.

The issue is where do you find a quality solo ad vendor for some of these other niches?

Well, the one that I like to use is called Trafficforme.

The reason I like Trafficforme is

  • They have a very newbie-friendly, simple to use dashboard, which makes placing your order very easy
  • They allow you to scale and buy lots of clicks (very important if you've got a profitable campaign)
  • And they offer solo ad clicks for a variety of different niches, which means you don't have to dig around and try to find another reputable vendor if you decide to run traffic to an offer in a different niche

So, if you have...

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