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Top Solo Ads Vendors For Biz Opp And Make Money Online

Not all solo ad vendors are created equally.

And a lot of figuring out which ones are reputable and which ones are shady is just testing each one of them out (and also making sure you're tracking your clicks).

For tracking your clicks (to make sure you don't get screwed by a vendor) I highly recommend investing in a tool like ClickMagick.

I know on the surface tracking may seem scary, but I promise you it's not that hard and ClickMagick has some excellent tutorials and support to ensure you understand exactly how to measure the success of a paid traffic campaign.

Learning how to track and measure your ROI is essential if you really want to succeed with solo ads and paid traffic.

Now, in regards to selecting solo ad vendors, I tend to look for a few criteria.

1) Are they reputable? Do they have solid testimonials?

2) Can I scale with them? Basically, if the traffic is good can I order at least 10k clicks?

3) Do they have an affiliate program? If I get positive results, can I make...

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How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing Promoting Amazon Products

Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest ways to make money on the Internet.

You don't have to worry about customer support or shipping any products.

And you don't even necessarily need your own website.

So, how do you get started?

Well, there's literally millions of different products and services to promote online, some digital, some physical.

But one of the easiest affiliate programs to promote as a beginner is the Amazon Associates program.

One of the big benefits of promoting Amazon is that they have millions and millions of products for sale.

Now, I will say that things have definitely changed over the years with Amazon...

They used to approve everyone and there was no minimum requirement for how many products you had to sell.

But in recent years they've started to suspend accounts of affiliates who haven't at least generated one sale in six months, which is fair.

However, it's something to keep in mind when signing up.

So, if you do decide to become an Amazon affiliate,...

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Where To Buy Bitcoin And Crypto Solo Ads

The Best Place To Buy Bitcoin And Crypto Solo Ads

Most marketers use solo ads to promote biz opp and make money online offers.

But with the massive Bitcoin and crypto trend that's been on the rise for several years...

Where do you find crypto opportunity seeker solo ads?

Do they even exist?

I mean you're probably aware that most popular crypto wallets and services have affiliate programs like:

And then there are dozens of crypto offers on networks like Clicksure that pay out $250-$500 per sale

But it seems that most of the people lucky enough to ride this massive trend who are making small fortunes already have an established blog or YouTube channel or are just a badass at paid traffic.

Well, until recently there really wasn't any reputable service offering Bitcoin and crypto investment clicks.

But, luckily, now there is.

Introducing Trafficforme

I've used Trafficforme in the past and have had great success with them.

What I like most about their service as a...

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How To Promote Clickbank Offers Using Bing Ads

One of the oldest, most popular, and easiest affiliate networks to get started with is Clickbank.

And one of the fastest methods of getting results online is paid traffic.

PPC (pay-per-click) is one of the more popular paid traffic sources, especially for beginners.

Pay-per-click basically works like SEO (search engine optimization) but on steroids.

So, instead of optimizing content perfectly and waiting for it to rank, you just pay to show up.

However, when it comes to promoting affiliate offers, or, more specifically, direct linking to affiliate offers, huge networks like Google AdWords aren't usually that friendly.

But, luckily Bing Ads is a lot more open to affiliate marketers and allows you to direct link to your affiliate offers.

So, if you're just getting started with: affiliate marketing, promoting Clickbank offers, or Bing Ads in general this is something that works.

Now, to give yourself a little more of an edge though over all the other newbie and intermediate marketers...

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How To Combine Amazon Affiliate Marketing With YouTube

Affiliate marketing is pretty simple.

And the Amazon Associates program is one of the easiest affiliate programs to get approved for.

So, in this article I want to go over how simple it is to get started promoting Amazon products as an affiliate by using free YouTube videos.

Once you're signed up for the Amazon Associates program you'll be able to install the SiteStripe toolbar for easily creating unique affiliate links that you can share on social media.

Once you have the link it's as easy as creating a review video about that product.

The video doesn't have to be long - maybe 3-5 minutes.

That's it.

And as far as optimizing the video so that it will rank faster, I would target longer tail keywords related to that product or service.

If you're targeting a specific product you may even want to use the full Amazon product title followed by the word "review" as the title.

Be sure to add your Amazon affiliate link in the YouTube description for the video and that's it!

The more videos...

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Top Search Engine Marketing Courses Online

When I think of the phrase "search engine marketing" I usually tend to think of the PPC (pay-per-click) side of SEO, which are the ads you see right above, below and on the sides of the organic search results.

Anything in the organic search results I consider SEO (search engine optimization) because you're optimizing that content to rank highly.

Where, on the other hand, with PPC, as long as you bid the most you'll show up #1.

But, instead of just sharing what I consider to be the top search engine marketing courses, I'm going to share suggestions for courses on both search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

Now, when it comes to what I consider a great course, you have to really evaluate what your goals are for taking the course.

I will assume that most people reading this article work for themselves and are interested in this information so they can make more money, not so they can do enterprise SEO for a large company.

Which is why I mostly prefer to take courses...

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Duplicate Content On Same Domain SEO Strategy

In my experience duplicate content penalties are a complete myth.

I've had success in spite of having duplicate content on the same domain.

Heck, I've even made sales from entire sites that were complete duplicates.

So, in this post I want to share a really simple strategy for using duplicate content to your advantage to help siphon valuable traffic from search engines.

The first step is we're going to focus on targeting long tail keywords.

But not just one or two...a TON of them.

The benefit of optimizing content for longer tail search phrases is that they're far less competitive to rank for, and there's more buyer intent.

To find keyword suggestions you can use a free tool like

I usually start with a root keyword like "teeth whitening".

Once you have your list of keywords, write a generic article about that root keyword, and try to include and talk about several of the longer tail keywords you found from

After you're finished writing your article,...

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How To Make Money With Clickbank And YouTube

One of the easiest affiliate networks to get started with as a beginner affiliate marketer is Clickbank.

And one of the simplest methods for getting traction and sales quickly from promoting Clickbank products is by using YouTube videos.

Now, just making a video alone likely isn't going to result in you making consistent sales.

You need to target the right keywords.

Ideally you'd want to optimize your video filename, title and description for a long tail keyword.

So, instead of crossing your fingers and hoping to get found for a video about "making money online"...

Instead you would optimize your content to rank for a keyword like "clickbank autopilot system free".

To get ideas and suggestions for long tail keywords to target, you can use a free tool like - just plug in a root keyword and it will spit out hundreds of related long tail search phrases that people are actually typing in to the search engines.

Each of these long tail videos alone isn't going to draw...

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How To Create Residual Income From Home

Everybody likes the idea of passive and residual income...

But the thing that most people don't think about when they consider working for themselves is that they no longer have the comfort of a steady paycheck...

Which means they have to re-create that paycheck.

The good news is that this is relatively simple to do with the Internet.

There's so many different ways to make money online but the one I want to focus on is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is kind of like being a salesperson.

You market and promote other people's products and services and when people purchase that product using your referral link you earn a commission.

The more sales you make, the more commissions you earn.

And there's so many different products and services you can promote.

Even if you were to focus on a super tiny or obscure niche like "knitting for people over 60" that would most of the time be plenty enough to produce a comfortable full-time income.

And since different affiliate programs and...

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SEO Link Building Strategies For Affiliate Websites

There are a lot of myths and theories when it comes to the "best" linkbuilding strategies to get a website to rank.

But in my opinion experience and a lot of testing is going to give you the proper insights into what really works.

However, I will share some tips based on what I generally do to boost the authority of my money sites.

If it's a new domain I will typically start by sending a few high authority backlinks to the root domain with the anchor text either being the name of the site or the exact URL.

To do this you either buy your own expired domains and point links from those domains to the sites you want to rank (creating your own private blog network).

Or you can just buy high powered links from other sites like The HOTH.

After this I will start building some social bookmark and web 2.0 property links to the root domain as well as the inner pages.

For the anchor text of the social bookmark links if it's to my homepage I'll just use the root domain URL or title of the site....

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