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Outsource And Automate Your Mail With Earth Class Mail

I'm sure you've seen those blogs of people who suddenly got the urge to drop everything they were doing and travel the world, right?

Well, that idea might seem sexy to you...but what about all their stuff?

Or their mail?

Sure, they can liquidate most of their physical possessions or place them in store for an affordable fee until they return...

But, what about important documents and other physical mail like letters from grandma?

Even if you decide to pick up and travel the world, you still need some sort of physical address where you can be reached, and you probably don't want to redirect all your mail to your parents or a friend's residence.

So, what do you do?

Well, until several years ago, there really weren't many options...

But, luckily, now there are several solutions which have popped up that have solved this problem.

One of them is called Earth Class Mail.

Now, services like Earth Class Mail can be use for far more than just a virtual mailing address.

They can also scan...

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Ditch The Coffee Shop With Deskpass

You've seen them in the coffee shops.

The ones on their laptops.

That are there...




Because they don't have anywhere else to go.

They either work for a company remotely or for themselves.

And I get it - working by yourself all alone at home or your apartment can be lonely as fuck.

So, what other options are there?

Well, there are office spaces you can rent - but those are far too expensive and not well suited for most solopreneurs and bootstrap startups.

Then, there are services like WeWork, which are pretty awesome coworking spaces, if you've got the dough to drop (a little out of the price range for most solopreneurs and teams just getting started).

But, then, additionally you've got cool solutions like Deskpass.

Deskpass is kind of like Wework, except you get access to an entire network of coworking and shared office spaces in your city that are far cheaper than services like WeWork.

It's pretty awesome.

The only downside is that at the time of me writing this...

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How To Embrace The Digital Nomad Life

In the last decade or so (at the time of me writing this post) especially with the explosion of social media, the idea of living a nomadic lifestyle has become increasingly popular.

Especially for digital marketers and serial entrepreneurs.

As entrepreneurs, it seems that most of us "suffer" from ADHD and love jumping from project to project, with an insatiable desire to learn new things, and that same curiosity seems to overflow into other areas of our life as well.

One of those being the idea of traveling and exploring new places on a regular basis.

But, even though the thought of seeing new destinations and going on spontaneous adventures may seem like a rush...

If you're brand new to it, it can certainly be scary and overwhelming.

Luckily, in our super-connected world, there's tons of excellent resources to assist you and build your confidence.

Just Get Started

One of the hangups that a lot of people have is just getting started and taking that first leap of faith.

According to...

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How To Select The Right Affiliate Marketing Programs To Promote

Let's face it...there are a TON of products and services that you can choose to promote when it comes to affiliate marketing.

So, which ones are best?

Well, the answer to that question is a little subjective, and over time you'll find your own sweet spot of the particular kinds of products and niches that you have more success with and like to promote...

But, as general rule, here are a few tips...

Evergreen Products

I first like to concentrate on promoting evergreen products and services.

These are products and services that will always be in demand.

They're not based on speculation or trends.

Things like: mattresses, t-shirts, shoes, etc.

Items that millions of people purchase every day online.

And some examples more closely related to the internet marketing / make money online world would include services like: domains, web hosting, or any tool or subscription that relies on a platform or traffic source that will probably be around for a significant amount of time.


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Are Online Surveys A Legitimate Way To Make Money?

So, you've come across an ad or offer promising that you can earn a full-time income working part-time taking simple online surveys...

Is it true or a SCAM?

Well...kind of both.

So, can you really make money online taking surveys? YES. I've done it.

Can you really earn a full-time income taking those same surveys? Again, yes...but it's WAY more difficult and time-consuming that you'd expect.

There are people that have done it and are doing it but I can assure you that when they divide the time they're actually spending going through these surveys it probably comes out to only nickels and dimes per hour...far less than a minimum wage job.

So, why are these offers so popular?

Honestly, it's because naive people just coming online really want to believe that it's possible...

And most people are attracted to the idea of being able to support themselves and live a comfortable life by only working a few hours per day and clicking a few buttons on their computer.

So, that's why those...

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How To Use Money Robot SEO Software

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) there are a lot of softwares and automation tools that exist for things like building backlinks.

The art of SEO and getting content to rank in search enginges can pretty much be simplified down to...

1) You need high quality, relevant content related to the keywords you are targeting and hoping to rank for
2) And then it helps to have backlinks...ideally from high authority websites in related niches to whatever your keywords are

Now, although the content side of things may take a little time and effort, it's definitely the easier part of the equation.

The part that nobody wants to put in the effort for, even experienced SEOs, is the backlinks part.

Because, honestly, it's pretty tedious and boring.

Most people don't want to mess with building their own PBN (private blog network) either because they don't know how, or because of the expense.

So, the other option is to buy or build lower quality links.

But, rather than buy...

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Keyword Research Strategy For Building Profitable Affiliate Websites

When I first got into the world of online marketing, I quickly gravitated towards to SEO (search engine optimization).

After all, from everything I had read and seen from others it seemed like SEO was one of those rare methods that I could start with essentially nothing more than a domain name and some inexpensive web hosting and create a sustainable passive income for myself from scratch.

Well, that is true...but it's a lot harder if you follow what most other courses and information you find online teach about keyword research.

Sure, you want to ideally rank for keywords that get lots of searches per month, because searches should equal traffic and as we all know traffic translates to dollars.

But, what they fail to really emphasize in a lot of the free information that you find online about SEO is how freakin' hard it actually is to rank for most keywords with lots of searches...and that's even if you're a badass SEO.

Furthermore, not only does it take a lot of money and...

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Is Wealthy Affiliate A SCAM?

I'm just gonna be straight up with you about Wealthy Affiliate and what they teach, based on my own personal experience.

So, years ago, I signed up for an account with Wealthy Affiliate.

But even back then I still already had a couple of years of experience under my belt, so I knew a few things about affiliate marketing.

And here is my opinion, based on what happened to me...

So, far as I understand Wealthy Affiliate is a community that teaches and trains people how to build niche affiliate websites, to enable them to make a full-time passive income online.

And they do their best to provide an entire ecosystem of all the tools and resources people need in order to accomplish that goal.

  • They have training
  • They have a community
  • They've created their own tools for things like keyword research
  • And they also make it simple for you to get squared away with buying your domain name and setting up your hosting through them

So far, so good.

Now, all that is well and good, but at the time I...

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How To Read Faster Without Speed Reading

I don't know about you but I've never really bought into the idea of "speed reading".

You've probably seen people like Howard Berg, who is hailed as "The World's Fastest Reader" that sells courses that supposedly teach others how to do the same.

Sure, he seems to be legit...but I've bought courses like his and speed reading just never seemed to "click" for me.

And that's a total bummer, because I certainly understand the advantage of being able to read fast.

I mean, most all the knowledge and wisdom you'd ever want to learn is inside of books, so the faster I'm able to read, I know that the smarter and wiser I'll become.

But how can I get that information inside my brain without going through the mind-numbingly slow process of having my eyes read every single word on every page?

The good news is that there are other alternatives to speed reading!

One of them is by listening to the books on tape or audio through services like Audible.

Audible has probably the largest collection of...

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How To Use Guerrilla Marketing To Create Your Own Blue Oceans

First off let me say that I love guerrilla marketing.

I think it really embodies the essence of what it means to be an entrepreneur and is an essential growth hacking skill if you want to get from bootstrap to mega success on a shoestring budget.

So, What Exactly Is Guerrilla Marketing?

Wikipedia defines guerrilla marketing is an advertisement strategy concept designed for businesses to promote their products or services in an unconventional way with little budget to spend.

In short, it's looking for creative an inexpensive ways to leverage opportunities to get massive exposure for your brand and make a big splash, for usually nothing more than a little bit of effort.

So, in order to get the juices flowing and to help you think outside the box to get exposure for your brand or product, here are a couple of guerrilla marketing examples...

Stamping Dollar Bills

Now, I realize this may not be legal in every country, but at least in the US you've probably noticed dollar bills that have...

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