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Experience for yourself how is the best Affiliate Marketing Network, voted by leading publishers and advertisers of the global performance networking community. Rakuten is the world's largest affiliate marketing network. When you partner with Rakuten, your company will benefit from:

Rakuten's Affiliate Channel is a portal for affiliate marketing on the web. The platform enables affiliates to manage their listings, products and campaigns. An affiliate marketer will need to pay a commission when a sale takes place or a lead is generated through the promoted link. A marketer will also be paid a certain percentage by the affiliate when that action has been completed.

There are many other affiliate marketing programs in the market today, but few are as successful as the Rakuten program. There is an abundance of various Rakuten channels to promote the products and services of an advertiser. This ensures that each channel is effectively utilized. Rakuten offers advertisers a digital marketing management platform and a premium advertising management service that will provide advertisers with the necessary tools for managing their affiliate marketing programs.

The most important advantage to selecting Rakuten as an affiliate marketing partner is that they offer a very low cost per click campaign. This makes it possible to launch a wide variety of affiliate marketing campaigns for your website. If you were to manage these campaigns internally, you would spend hours every day monitoring the performance of your ad campaigns and manually adding new content. You could not guarantee the effectiveness of your campaigns, take them off the air, and then restart them at a later date. When you partner with a Rakuten affiliate channel, you are able to test your campaigns after launching them and determine if there are any improvements to make.

In addition, this is one of the few companies that actually provides a full digital marketing solution. Instead of being restricted to a PPC campaign that is generally used to attract prospects, the Rakuten affiliate marketing system allows the affiliate marketer to take full control over the entire digital marketing campaign. This is achieved through the affiliate marketers own website. The marketer can upload all of the images, videos, articles, blogs, press releases, or other content that they want to promote. Once uploaded, the marketer can control everything from where the advertisement will appear, to how much the advertisement will appear, which sites the advertisement will show up on and more. This gives the affiliate marketer virtually unlimited options, and a degree of control that no other company can match.

Another major advantage of partnering with a Rakuten affiliate marketing portal is the ease of content syndication. Because both advertiser and publisher have their own website, it is easy for the publisher to list links to the advertiser's website and vice versa. This creates a powerful linking structure between the two websites, which means more exposure for both the advertiser and the publisher, as well as more potential back links for the advertiser. Additionally, the linkshare platform makes it easy to submit articles and press releases to different directories.

On top of all of this, another great benefit of becoming an affiliate marketing partner with a Rakuten affiliate marketing program is the brand protection that occurs on the websites. Since both advertiser and publisher have their own websites, there is a strong barrier of privacy and security that exists on the websites. This ensures that the brand of each company is protected and prevents competitors from stealing the spotlight from the company with better products or services. In addition, both advertisers and publishers have the ability to place their brand on the side bar of their respective websites, creating even more exposure for their product or service. If a potential buyer sees that their favorite company is on the side bar of a site, chances are they will also want to make the purchase that product.

Although there are many other benefits associated with becoming an affiliate marketing partner, one of the biggest benefits is the increased amount of exposure that both the publisher and the advertiser can receive. Publishers gain increased traffic by having the ability to advertise on their website and increase their brand by placing their name on the site. Advertisers gain the ability to advertise on the publisher's website, increasing exposure to a new group of buyers. Both parties are able to benefit, and work together to create the best environment for both the advertiser and the publisher.

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