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So many people struggle with affiliate marketing. It is confusing to them and most quit after a few months. But those who don't give up eventually learn and become affiliate marketing millionaires. One such person is Tyler Price, who wrote an eBook called "The Insider's Guide to Affiliate Marketing" and is now making millions.

So I decided to buy this course by Tyler Pratt called "The Insider's Guide to Affiliate Marketing". And in it he has 8 modules of Affiliate Marketing training. Within there you will learn the fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing - setting up effective lead capture page, how to create traffic funnel and how to optimize your landing pages for search engines. You will also learn about the various keyword phrases and how to find them. He will also discuss ways to build a niche website. The final module is about how to use Google AdWords and pay-per-click advertising to make money.

This guide will teach you how to use affiliate marketing tools like Google's keyword research tool and wordtracker to find keywords related to your niche and how to dominate the competition. These tools can help you generate traffic to your website and then help you rank high on the search engines. This is where the money comes from. Mr. Price also talks about getting a subscription service and how you can use it to get paid for your efforts. This can be done by putting up a free eBook or report related to your niche that discusses a solution to a problem that a large number of people are facing. Once you have posted the eBook or report, you can then charge a one time fee and get paid every month.

Another affiliate marketing technique that Mr. Price teaches in this course is the blogging method. This is probably the easiest way to get started making money online blogging. There are actually several companies that offer you a platform to start blogging and they even make it easy for you. You just sign up for an account with the company and then you get a blog set up in minutes.

This allows you to use WordPress to build the content of your site. You can then monetize your blog through PPC ads or through affiliate marketing. By doing this you can easily turn a simple hobby into a great passive income stream. This is just one example of how you can get paid for your efforts in this easy way to start making money online blogging.

One of the best things about affiliate marketing is that there are so many choices out there. It doesn't matter whether you want to promote books, medical reports or niche blogs you can find something that works for you. Mr. Price does a good job of explaining the different options available for you. The nice thing about niche blogs is that they tend to get a lot more traffic than others do. In fact, niche blogs make up almost 60% of all web pages and they make money online much faster than non-niche sites do.

The final option in the list of affiliate marketing programs is to take your SEO skills and combine them with affiliate marketing. This is another way to make money online through SEO skills. Basically, the SEO works by using social media sites and press releases to promote the products you are promoting. If you have some social media skills you can easily leverage these skills by promoting the product using social media sites and press releases and you can get paid for this service. Of course, if you don't have social media skills and the SEO doesn't really apply to your business you can find someone who does.

The last option I'll talk about is affiliate marketing with an existing blog. There are several job boards that allow you to place Google AdSense ads on your existing blog. When someone clicks on these ads you get paid a small commission. One thing you should keep in mind is that when you place Google ads on your blog you need to make sure that the content on your blog is actually useful to people. So if you're writing an ebook on how to increase your vertical jump, but your website consists mainly of how to lose weight in five minutes, you won't do too well.

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