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Affiliate marketing is a revenue sharing arrangement in which a merchant, like a publisher, makes a commission on each sale that passes through its affiliate's channel. The affiliate receives a percentage of each sale that passes through its affiliate link, and this procedure is tracked by specially designated links. In the traditional model of affiliate marketing, the publisher would have to compensate the affiliate for every sale. Today, there are several affiliate marketing network products that offer affiliate marketers many new opportunities.

Some of these networks offer publishers free products to promote while others place sponsored ads on the publishers website. When a visitor to the publisher's site clicks on the ad, the advertiser pays the publisher a portion of the revenue generated from that click. This model of affiliate marketing offers advertisers multiple ways to monetize their revenue streams. In this article we'll look at some of these revenue sharing networks.

The first network, we'll look at is Tell Me Built. Tell Me Built is a software program provided by Commission Junction. It was developed by BrightCove Media, one of the largest merchant development companies in the world. Tell Me Built is a commission based membership program that gives merchants and publishers split commission percentages. It also provides advertisers with an extensive list of merchants that they can promote to. Tell Me Built is strictly commission based.

The second program we'll look at is Commission Junction. Commission Junction is owned by Commission Junction, which is one of the largest merchant development companies in the world. Commission Junction has grown substantially over the last few years and it now serves millions of affiliate marketers around the world. It is no surprise that Commission Junction is a leader in the affiliate marketing industry. The company promotes several affiliate programs and has created a system of several affiliate marketing networks. These networks have helped Commission Junction to grow significantly in affiliate marketing revenues.

Another popular affiliate network is CJ affiliate. CJ affiliate uses ClickBank to provide merchants with affiliates. As mentioned above, ClickBank is a top choice for merchants to use when developing affiliate networks because they are well established and they have a wide range of products and services to choose from. As with Tell Me Built, CJ affiliate provides affiliates with a wide variety of merchants to promote to.

A third network that is growing rapidly in popularity is ClickBank. ClickBank is simply a digital marketplace where affiliates can sell products or services. It is different from most affiliate marketing networks in that a publisher can sell either tangible goods or digital goods. ClickBank is great because it allows authors and publishers to have their products marketed directly to customers without needing to have an actual storefront.

Some other affiliate marketing networks are being used by more traditional publishers as well. Commission Junction has recently started allowing publishers to include affiliate links in their e-newsletters. Many traditional publishers have chosen to use these affiliate links to advertise their own products and services rather than spending the time to create their own products or services. Digital products can be very successful with Commission Junction because of the fact that they do not require authors and publishers to develop products themselves.

A final affiliate marketing network worth mentioning is Revenue Pilot. Revenue Pilot allows publishers to market both tangible and digital products. Digital products can be chosen based on whether they are eBooks reports, audio files, video files, physical products, or software. This type of revenue network gives publishers a great way to generate multiple streams of revenue. Although the commissions earned through this affiliate network are not as high as some other programs, the program has received positive feedback from its publishers.

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