Affiliate Marketing Pics


Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing trends on the Internet. Very beneficial to affiliate marketers and brand alike, this new trend toward more traditional internet marketing tactics has definitely paid off so far. In fact: there is an estimated 10.1% rise in affiliate marketing spending per year in the U.S., which means that figure is on its way up by leaps and bounds.

This trend has also benefited consumers in another major way: as a whole, consumers have more choices today than ever before. With the advent of platforms such as YouTube and social media, there is now a much larger audience for businesses to target. However, the problem still lies in reaching that audience. For affiliate marketing, this is where social media engagement proves most helpful. By using influencers to reach out to this very targeted audience, you can guarantee a much greater chance of success.

The key to getting the most from an affiliate marketing system, especially for those who are not quite marketers by trade, is to find a method of engagement that makes use of social media and other forms of engagement to draw in the right crowds. These crowds are the prospective customers and prospects of your affiliate marketing. Engaging with them will help you attract not only more new business but also a larger following of current customers.

Social media, as we have seen with Twitter and Facebook, can be used to achieve this. As we also saw during the election season, Twitter was key in generating buzz about products and services. This buzz is what generates leads, which is what you are after when you are working to build a relationship with your audience. Facebook, in particular, has become a favorite hunting ground for affiliate marketing. The left-leaning Facebook page proved to be one of the most potent revenue generators for many online entrepreneurs. Their revenue generated from advertisements on their page tends to be far higher than the revenue generated from their actual product sales.

When a visitor or subscriber use Facebook to find out more about a given merchant, their interests tend to be based more on being politically concerned or having some form of social issue that is of import to them. These subscribers, many of which are likely non-paying visitors, can then be converted into buyers if the affiliate marketing message was delivered properly. The problem is, as with everything in online business, the more you talk, the more you say, and soon it becomes just another talking point. It's easy to overdo it, and soon you are spinning your wheels without making any money.

An alternative to spinning your wheels is to use performance-based pay-per-click, or PPC. Performance-based pay-per-click requires you to bid on search terms that have a decent chance of converting visitors into paying customers. You are rewarded only for the number of clicks on your advertisement, and not for the actual number of conversions. That means that you can still get paid for your traffic without having to worry about whether or not you are getting any profit for your efforts.

Most affiliate marketers get paid through commission sales, or a flat fee for lifetime sales. The flat fee usually includes maintenance fees and ongoing management and support. The key to making money with this type of arrangement is to maintain a high minimum and to maintain a long enough list to keep consistent revenue stream. Once you build up a list, you can build another list and so on. Over time, this allows you to leverage your list's value and start generating multiple streams of revenue from the efforts of each affiliate marketing contact.

If you like what you do, and the idea of making money being a virtual assistant appeals to you, then sign up today for a free trial of an affiliate marketing website where you can market the merchant's products and get paid for every sale that comes through your link. The only other thing you need to do is set up your own affiliate accounts with the merchant and upload your own affiliate marketing website. That's it! With as little as $40 per month, you can get paid for being an affiliate marketer.

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