Affiliate Marketing Woodworking


Today affiliate marketing is a very popular and powerful way for entrepreneurs to make money online. Affiliate marketing is the process by which you, the affiliate, earn money on the basis of the sales of others' products or services. Many affiliate marketers earn thousands of dollars every month. In order to achieve success in affiliate marketing, you need to find a good and reputed affiliate marketing company with which you can do affiliate business. Here is a list of top eight best woodworking affiliate marketing programs to assist you in getting started.

If you are interested in selling jewelry then you must join a site like Jewelry Garage, they have a fantastic affiliate marketing plan which is known as Jewelry Garage Xbox. This is simply amazing, because this is the perfect place to start your own jewelry drop ship business. The other benefit of joining Jewelry Garage is that they offer a lot of resources for Jewelry makers such as designs, tutorials, step by step videos, etc. They have a great site that is full of information, step by step videos, and lots of other features. Another great thing about Jewelry Garage is that they allow members to sell their handmade crafts through their website for a commission.

If you are looking to sell tools then you should visit Commission Junction. They offer many different affiliate programs for woodworkers. You can also sell your own tools on their website or you can promote any of their tools on your site. The great thing about Commission Junction is that they not only accept all major tools but they also provide you with a commission to match the price of your tool.

If you are into woodworking and enjoy participating in projects on your own then you should consider becoming an affiliate marketer for Bachmann products. Bachmann is a well known brand name for building wooden musical instruments. Many woodworkers find the products to be very high quality and affordable. When you become an affiliate marketer for Bachmann you will be helping woodworkers around the world get access to products that will help them build their projects.

If you are interested in selling jewelry or gift items then you should try ShareASale. This is a membership site where you can choose from a variety of jewelry and gift brands. If you decide to join ShareASale as an affiliate, you can choose average order sizes and earn commission rates that are lower than what you would get from any other affiliate program.

Many people who are starting out in woodworking like to use ClickBank to source their products. If you don't want to buy a product from a manufacturer you can use ClickBank to source items. The commission rates are much higher at ClickBank than it is from manufacturer sites. However you do have to pay a one time set up fee.

Another great place for beginners to start marketing their products is at the Amazon marketplace. There are many woodworking forums where other woodworkers hang out. Join one of these forums and post questions about your woodworking niche. You can also search Google for some of the top 10 affiliate programs based on your niche.

Some of the best products to promote are hardware. Most woodworkers have tools such as hand tools, table saws, drills, and various power tools. If you sell hardware then you need to promote a variety of brands. Visit a number of popular forums on your niche website and discuss your affiliate plans. You might be surprised at how many people are ready to buy your tools!

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