Blog Writer For Affiliate Marketing


If you're unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, the idea is really quite simple: Offer products/ Services on your blog and earn a commission on sales that result from visitors clicking on those links. Add affiliate links to your posts; when readers click on those, you earn a commission from the merchant whose product/service was clicked. It's an easy way to make money blogging; it's even simpler to start making money with affiliate marketing as a blog writer. In fact, you can even write an entire blog post about affiliate marketing and place affiliate ads directly on your blog! (and test to see if it works - you'll be surprised how well it does.)

You don't have to be particularly adept at writing to be effective at affiliate marketing. That said, however, it's very useful to have some skills in this area. I'm partial to using articles (I use this for my own blog) as affiliate marketing tools, but there are lots of useful affiliate marketing websites and resources out there, you just need to search for them. Here are a few suggestions for blogs and websites that could provide useful content for an affiliate marketing blog:

YouTube. It may not be at the top of everybody's list of favorite search engine sites, but don't underestimate the power of video marketing here. Place an affiliate link in your video description; then submit it to video directories, such as YouTube. A lot of people view YouTube, so this is a good place to advertise new products or services. Just make sure your video has good content (preferably with a helpful call to action), lots of sound and a very targeted affiliate link in the description/headline.

Niche blog. This is another excellent option for an affiliate marketing blog. A niche blog is a blog written about a single topic, such as "home-based business", or "affiliate marketing". It's important to choose a specific niche blog, because if you don't it will be easy to get buried in comments. However, if you choose a general blog topic, your audience is much larger and you'll be exposed to more viewers. A great niche blog topic for affiliate marketing is how-to blogs (how-to topics are especially popular).

Ezine Articles. I love this one - simply pick a very specific topic, such as "online marketing". Search for "e-zine articles" and see what comes up. Ezine articles can have great affiliate marketing content, because they're usually well written, informative and offer great value. The best ones are probably by entrepreneurs, so check out ones with a high success rate and see what they're talking about.

Build an Email List. Build an email list of affiliate marketers or people who have shown interest in the affiliate marketing topic you're covering. It's a good idea to have a lead capture page for this purpose - I like landing pages. They have a tendency to be highly targeted, and your subscribers are already looking for something that they need. This is one of the most effective ways to generate passive income.

Make Blog Posts. Another great way to create a passive income stream is through the power of blog posts. I actually generate more traffic to my blog through blog posts than I did when I was writing the article text. If you're an affiliate marketer who wants to build a powerful email list, then blog posts are a must.

One last way to make money with affiliate marketing is to create short reports or eBooks that contain tips and techniques that you can share with readers. You can make them free to give away or sell them on websites where you've got a list of visitors who have opted in to receive information from you. Just be sure that you're targeting your blog posts so that your readers will find it interesting enough to stay on your site.

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