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One way to make such passive income these days is through affiliate marketing. If you just want to make money from the computer without lifting a finger, affiliate marketing can leave you earning some pretty good cash every month. However, many people fail to realize just how much potential affiliate marketing has to offer. You can get started in affiliate marketing with very little upfront investment. All you need is a website, traffic and a product that people need.

The first thing you need to do to get started with affiliate marketing is to find a way to advertise on your website. You can use free or paid advertising. In most cases paid advertising works better as it tends to bring in more traffic. There are dozens of websites offering advertising space. Some are more effective than others, so it pays to look around for a while before settling on one.

Some of the best affiliate marketing programs give their affiliates a share of the advertising revenue. These third-party advertising packages are usually pretty affordable and many fit within your budget. Another alternative is to join an affiliate network. These networks usually provide their members with banners and text links that will link directly to their partner companies. Members receive commissions for everyone who clicks through those ads.

Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising is probably the best known form of affiliate marketing program. This kind of advertising costs the affiliate nothing except for the time it takes him or her to write a few ads and then send them out. Once they've made a few sales, the host company will pay them a predetermined amount per sale.

Social Media Marketing is rapidly becoming a major force in affiliate marketing and many affiliate marketing programs now include social media marketing as a part of their offerings. Social media refers to blogs, websites, and other forms of online communities such as Facebook and MySpace. By offering potential customers the option to sign up for their own blogs, businesses can attract a new customer base by creating profiles that are interesting and informative. For example, a website offering medical equipment might create a Facebook profile page that offers helpful tips about using medical equipment and features a blog by a local physician.

In this age of Internet marketing, one of the best types of compensation methods available is affiliate networking. Many affiliate networks offer members the opportunity to earn money not only from referral sales but also from the actual sales of products sold by members. A great many affiliate networks have no payout in the referral fees, which means that a member may earn nothing at all unless they actually make a sale. For this reason, any company that wants to survive needs to make sure that all of its sales are legitimate and fair to both parties.

Other types of compensation methods that affiliate marketing can provide include pay-per-click advertising and online advertising through affiliate portals, such as Google's AdSense program, and display advertising through merchants' websites. Merchants may offer their own networks of affiliates, or they may refer their affiliates to other merchants. In either case, merchants are given the opportunity to control the type of advertising their affiliates to use, which makes affiliate marketing an excellent way to control the content of affiliate advertising. This is because a merchant can decide whether or not affiliates should be allowed to place their advertising on websites with content related to their products.

The most well-known form of affiliate marketing is pay-per-sale, or the CDnow scheme. Under this scheme, a commission is paid on the sale of CDs or DVDs by the affiliate. While some affiliate marketing schemes limit the number of transactions per month, some allow unlimited transactions. Others allow merchants to offer CDnow commissions to new customers; the new customer has to purchase a minimum number of products offered by the merchant then has to buy a CD or DVD from the merchant after making a purchase. The cost-per-sale commission is often less than the cost-per-sale commission of some merchant websites.

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