How Big Is The Affiliate Marketing Industry?


The affiliate marketing has grown by 52% over the last 5 years. 81% of all brands now have adopted affiliate marketing as their preferred advertising method. There are now 11,360 affiliate programs in the US alone. And affiliate marketing spending grows by 10% a year.

To survive in this high competition business, you have to adopt very aggressive strategies like outbound and inbound marketing, pay per click and other such tactics. It is quite easy to become fraudulent because of so much freedom offered to affiliates. It is quite possible for someone who has just started a new business to earn huge profits within few months. But, the maximum earnings are limited to people who are really committed to their work hard. Here is where the affiliate fraud comes into picture.

A person who wants to earn from affiliate marketing, tries to fool the merchant. He uses techniques like black hat SEO, doorway page promotion, doorway page cloaking, etc. The main goal of these merchants is to lure the customer with lots of beautiful banners. But, after the customer has clicked through the banner, the affiliate marketer then uses some techniques to trick the customer into believing that he has visited that website. Some techniques that affiliate marketer use are as follows:

The high traffic website has a high conversion rate. This is another trick used by many affiliate marketing agencies. The fact is that the number of visitors to the site does not necessarily reflect the success of the sales there. According to statistics, only around 3.3 billion visits to make an impression and only around one third of these actually make a purchase.

This trick can be easily employed by marketers to fool top acquisition channels. But there are some things that must be kept in mind when using social media. First of all, social media traffic does not necessarily bring people who make a purchase in the end. It means that if you are using social media to promote affiliate marketing, you will be wasting your time. And if you do not have the right kind of people in your niche, it might not even bring traffic to your website.

This trick is also used by the affiliate marketing agencies which try to sell their product to people in areas which are not related to the industry. Some of them even sell their products in a completely unrelated industry. According to experts, it is important for an affiliate marketing agency to concentrate on its industry. Concentrating on your industry is the best way to get more customers. By focusing on your industry, you can ensure that the visitors go to your website to find answers to their questions and solve their problems.

When choosing an affiliate marketing agency, you should check the track record of that particular agency. This will give you an idea about how good is the quality of the traffic and the number of leads generated by the affiliate marketing agency. In addition to this, you should check the commission that the affiliate marketer takes from the visitor. It will be useless if he takes too little or too much commission.

In general, if you want to generate passive income, you should always choose an industry that have a wide spectrum of audience. If you want to generate passive income in a very specific niche, it is suggested that you should focus on that industry. It means that you will need to generate leads in your niche. And the more leads you have, the bigger your passive income potential will be.

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