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Affiliate marketing is the method of making a commission by selling the products of others or companies through your own website. It has been around for several years, but only in the last few years has it gained traction among new online marketers. Niche marketing can be described simply as, "using knowledge of a specific topic so that you can promote the related products to a specific audience." So basically, you select and find a product you are interested in (which again is usually called "niche") and then promote it to that audience, earning a percentage of the sales.

So, why is affiliate marketing so lucrative? Well, to keep it simple, affiliate programs pay a commission based on the sale price of the product. This means every time a customer buys a digital product through your affiliate link, you earn a commission. There are several ways to increase the amount of affiliate commissions paid out by your site. One of them is to encourage visitors to leave comments about the content of your site. These comments, called votes, help the site generate interest in the content of your website, which leads to higher commission rates.

Another way is through the use of the PPC or Pay Per Click method of promoting affiliate marketing offers. This is where you get paid every time someone clicks on your link and visits your site. While this can potentially earn you a very generous commission, there are limitations to this type of commission. For example, if a visitor only visited your site once and doesn't make a purchase the next time they visit, then you won't be able to earn anything for that click.

The easiest way to make money through affiliate marketing using social media platforms such as twitter and Facebook is to become an easy internet marketer. Easy internet marketers know how to use Twitter, how to blog, how to promote affiliate offers, how to build followings on Facebook, and how to get traffic to their website. Because being an easy internet marketer means focusing on one thing, one strategy that works great is creating a list of followers on Facebook and Twitter. Doing so will allow you to share information about the information you have on your website with people who may not be as familiar with it.

You can also make passive income from affiliate marketing through promoting related products. One of the most popular niches for this is fitness. Affiliate marketers work to promote products related to health and fitness, offering clients a chance to purchase a product at a lower price if they purchase through the link on your site. While this strategy does require you to market the product and build an email list, it does offer a very lucrative commission. The harder and more targeted you are with this campaign, the higher your earnings will be.

Another strategy affiliate marketing experts recommend is promoting related shops. This is especially helpful for smaller niches. For example, if you are promoting a jewelry shop on Facebook, you can share an affiliate link to shops selling watches, shoes, or other jewelry that are within your niche. Many times, these shops will also accept affiliate links from larger sites like Amazon or eBay, which means you can turn a nice profit off of each sale you generate by adding your affiliate link. Shopify is another great option for these types of niches because its search engine optimization makes it easy to rank for specific keywords related to these items.

Other great strategies that offer passive income from affiliate marketing are blogs and articles. A blog, in general, is a great way to share information about your niche with potential customers. If you want to sell items with affiliate links, a blog can make it easier to do so. You can create a blog with content revolving around your niche, write articles, and then submit your blog to directories to drive traffic to your site. Some of the more popular blog traffic methods include Google's Blogger, WordPress, and LiveJournal.

Finally, the last strategy affiliate marketing experts recommend for generating passive income through ads is Facebook ads. You may think that since Facebook is the second most popular social networking site, there is no hope of advertising on Facebook. However, there are many companies out there that have found ways to place their ads on Facebook. While this method does not generate as much traffic as some of the other traffic methods listed here, it is still a very effective way to generate affiliate sales for your business.

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