How You Can Get Paid To Write About Anything

Wouldn't it be cool if there was a way that you could get paid to write about whatever it is you want to write about...

Without the pressure of things like deadlines or clients?

Just a really simple way that you could earn several hundred extra dollars a month, on the side, in your free time?

Well, now there is...and it's called GoRead.

GoRead a relatively new platform that's pretty cool.

They basically reward their users for contributing content on the site, as well as for helping to share the word about GoRead and spreading the platform across the web.

How To Earn Money With GoRead

There's several different ways that you can earn money from GoRead, but the simplest and most popular method is by completing the requirements to qualify for shares of the Global Revenue Pool.

The Global Revenue Pool represents a portion of all the sales collected each month by GoRead, and in turn are shared with the most active members of their platform.

There's only a few tasks you're required to...

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IPVanish: The World's Best VPN Service Provider

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not expert when it comes to VPNs.

So, what the heck is a VPN and why is it a really good idea to have one?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network.

A virtual private network uses a secure tunnel to connect to a remote server, encrypting all data that travels through the private tunnel VPN.

Now, if you're still like...

Ok, so, again, why do I really need one?

Here's a few examples...

Become Anonymous
You can use a VPN to make your IP address disappear. This is useful in preventing online marketers, search engines and websites from analyzing and using your IP address or location.

Secure Your Internet Connection
VPNs can also be used to keep your data away from third parties. This is especially important if you frequently use public Wi-Fi in places like airports and coffee shops, and want to prevent your sensitive data from being compromised by hackers.

Circumvent Website Blocks
A VPN is also a way to get around censorship and regional restrictions. For...

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How To Dominate Instagram With Marketing Automation

So, you want to build up a massive Instagram following?

Well, that's pretty easy to do if you're someone like Kim Kardashian or Justin Bieber...

But, what about if you're Joe Schmoe?

Sure, some people get lucky and magically rise through the cracks up the ladders of success.

But, what about if you don't have all day of be glued to your phone, posting pics and videos?

Yet you understand the power and leverage and amount of traffic you can siphon from a platform like Instagram and want to take advantage of it?

Well, in my experience, there's only two options if you want to manufacture authority...

You have to either BUILD IT


So, for the first way, you can either build your account organically, which will probably take a LONG long time...

Or you can can incorporate automation, with a tool like Instajam.

Instajam is a tool that allows you to build an Instagram following fast...on autopilot.

It automates likes, follows and unfollows accounts, can leave comments, and gives...

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Do Cognitive Enhancers Really Work?

It seemed like after the movie Limitless came out a whole new industry exploded!

The idea of cognitive enhancers and pills that helped you tap into more of your potential and use more of your mind than normal.

Now, I don't really buy into the idea that there is some magical "Limitless pill" out there that can all of a sudden give you super powers...

But I do believe there are certain ingredients we can put into our bodies that can help give us clarity and think more clearly.

You know, like those days where you wake up and the whole world just seems to make sense.

Problem solving comes easy.

You get all green lights at intersections.

And multiple awesome things happen to you all at once.

Those kinds of days do happen for me organically...

But, generally, they only happen a couple of days out of each year.

But, wouldn't it be cool if you could increase the frequency of those kinds of experiences?

Imagine how much more productive you could be and how much more you could get done?


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Top Content Curation Tools For WordPress

Several years ago I heard the term content curation and kind shrugged it off and forgot about it.

Then, years later, when I finally revisited the idea, I was kicking myself for not implementing it sooner, because it's so simple.

So, What Is Content Curation?

All content curation means is you're gathering information from other sites and properties and organizing it in a unique way.

This is an extremely old business model and there are tons of platforms that do this...

Think: newspapers, radio stations, television networks, etc.

They're ALL media channels that curate and filter content from other sources.

And the reason I love this strategy when it comes to creating your own website or blog is because you don't have to stress out about coming up with high-quality original content.

You literally can just piggyback off trends and whatever else is popular, and re-organize that information on your own web property.

Now, there are several solutions out there when it comes to...

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LegalZoom: The Easy Way To Start That New Business

If you're anything like me, you don't know shit about taxes and legal stuff.

And it's kind of scary.

You may know and understand how to make money, which is awesome...

But, making sure you're all squared away properly when it comes to creating business entities, keeping up with your expenses, and filing for taxes are also really important.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be hard.

Companies like LegalZoom make it really simple to form a new business, like an LLC, and they're usually much more affordable than going to a local CPA or lawyer to get it done.

LegalZoom also offer a Business Advisory Plan, which gives you access to year-round attorney help from vetted attorneys in the LegalZoom network.

Then, in regards to keeping up with your expenses and taxes, there are tools like Quickbooks for running your business...

And services like Bench, an online bookkeeping service for your small business, which is an especially helpful solution if you live in a small town, without a...

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The #1 Fitness System For Digital Marketers

Let's face it...

We all pretty much want the same exact things in life: health, wealth, and great relationships.

That's why it's no coincidence that those are also the top three mass market niches on the planet.

And while all of them require effort to get great results, the one that often gets neglected until last is health and staying in shape.

It's not necessarily difficult to acquire and maintain a Hollywood physique, but there's so much misinformation out there and BS fad diets and exercises, that most people get discouraged and give up before they ever have their breakthrough.

That's why I love Kinobody.

Kinobody is a ridiculously simple and effective exercise plan that anyone can easily fit into their lifestyle.

Because, c'mon, it's just not sustainable to go to the gym five or more days out of the week, for hours at a time.

The only reason celebrities and bodybuilders can do it is because they're getting paid a lot of money - and even they don't generally maintain those...

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Free Tools To Reverse-Engineer Your Competition's Online Strategy

You've heard the phrase Work Smarter, Not Harder, right?

Well, that same logic applies to online marketing.

If you're really serious about making internet marketing being your full-time gig instead of just a part-time hobby, you don't want to waste your time.

So, in order to give yourself a massive edge over the competition, the smart thing to do when getting started is simply to spy on them and copy what they're doing.

And, luckily, there's some great free tools to help you do that.


The first tool is Alexa. Alexa has several different features, but most marketers refer to it for their data on organizing the most popular sites on the the web. They assign websites a rank based, which is calculated using a combination of average daily visitors to the site and pageviews on the site over the past 3 months. The site with the highest combination of visitors and pageviews is ranked #1.

Click here for a list of the top 500 site on the web


The other tool we can use to some...

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How To Leverage The Power Of Quora For Affiliate Marketing

If you haven't heard of the site Quora, you're missing out.

It's kind of like Yahoo Answers v2.0...on steroids.

Quora is currently one of the top 100 websites in the world (according to Alexa), and is a platform where people can go to get their questions answered about anything they want to ask.

In addition to being a question and answer platform, Quora also gives you the ability to create your own blog, where you can share what you know with the world, have people follow you, and build your own audience and tribe.

So, in regards to affiliate marketing, Quora provides a tremendous opportunity.

Unlike a lot of other similar platforms in the past, Quora actually gives you the freedom to sprinkle in your affiliate links to the questions you answer.

Now, obviously you don't want to abuse this by spamming the site with nothing but your affiliate links, but this is a great way to help other people and share your knowledge, and in return get rewarded if people choose to take action on the...

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Top Google AdSense Alternatives For 2018

I think we can all agree in terms of display advertising rates Google AdSense is pretty much the reining champ.

It used to be super easy to get approved though.

However, in recent years, it's become increasingly more challenging...especially for those who have newer sites that don't already get a lot of traffic.

So, What Are Some Good Alternatives To AdSense That Still Pay Out Pretty Decent?

PropellerAds - I hadn't heard about this network until about a year or so ago when I was doing some research on the best AdSense alternatives. I believe it's only been around a couple years, but it's very easy to get approved for and they offer the opportunity to earn some pretty generous CPMs.

Infolinks - This is another solid AdSense alternative that was founded in 2007. They offer several different products for monetizing your site, but I would recommend you already have somewhat of an authority site built up and traffic coming in before you submit your sites to ensure they get approved.


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