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SEOAD Sales Page Offer

Price: $1000 or $500 x 2
50% commission

SEOAD Webinar Offer

Price: $1000 or $500 x 2
50% commission

ELITE Coaching Offer

$3000 or $1000 x 3
30% commission

Credit Secrets

50% commission


10 SALES = 🏆

20 SALES = 🏆

50 SALES = 🏆

100 SALES = 🏆


At the end of each calendar year, SEOAD sales will be added up for each affiliate, and each affiliate who has achieved one of the levels above will be given an award.

One award will be given to each affiliate based on the number of sales they have achieved.

For instance, if an affiliate makes 11 sales in a calendar year, they will receive the award for making at least 10 sales.

If they make 25 sales, they will achieve an award for achieving at least 20 sales in a calendar year.

And then ONE affiliate will awarded our TOP AFFILIATE award, which will be in addition to the other award they qualified for.

For every affiliate who achieves at least 20 sales in a calendar year, they will also qualify to be invited to our ANNUAL TOP AFFILIATE MASTERMIND. The only way to come to this event is to EARN it. YOU CANNOT BUY A TICKET.

Awards will be distributed in person at this live event. And those who are not able to attend will be mailed their awards afterwards.


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