Affiliate Marketing Strategies For Instagram

Most all marketing involves the same elements.

The two most important to master are traffic and conversion.

So, even though there are several different traffic sources that exist, the core strategy and you need to take to move people from a lead to a customer is very similar...but the tools sometimes change.

In regards to Instagram, Instagram is the traffic source.

So, as a marketer, you need to figure out your leverage points and how to move the traffic from Instagram to your own funnels, offers and email lists.

With Instagram, the leverage point is the one URL you can put in the bio of your profile.

Now, obviously you'll need some sort of offer.

This can either be an affiliate offer or your own.

Then, once you have your offer selected, you'll need to figure out a way to capture leads and convert those leads into customers.

For this I recommend a tool like ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is a drag-and-drop sales funnel software that you can use to build custom mobile responsive ...

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How To Do SEO For Affiliate Websites

When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization) content is king.

And this doesn't change whether you're doing SEO for a client or for yourself as an affiliate marketer.

The content is the most important element...

Because without really high-quality, relevant content, the search engines don't have a lot of information to go on to actually find and rank your website.

Now, there are two elements to getting websites to the top of page 1 in the search results...

So, the other piece of the puzzle is backlinks.

But, I want to stress the fact that throwing a lot of backlinks at your website, even if they're really powerful backlinks, isn't the greatest strategy if your content is complete garbage.

It might work in the short term, but don't be surprised if your sites rankings drop significantly over time.

So, the long way of doing SEO is to actually create the content yourself or outsource articles.

And be disciplined and consistent enough to do that over and over again until you...

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How To Succeed On The Clickbank Marketplace

Selling your product on Clickbank is not the same thing as having your product or service featured on the Clickbank marketplace.

The Clickbank marketplace is free for all vendors, however if you're not getting at least some activity and sales for what you're selling Clickbank will eventually remove you from it.

You can still be extremely successful if your product is not listed on the marketplace, however ranking highly in your category can certainly help you attract more affiliates and make more money.

So, How Do You Improve Your Rank Within The Clickbank Marketplace?

It's pretty simple...

Make sales from lots of different affiliates.

One of the main metrics that you will find inside the Clickbank marketplace is Gravity.

And the way I understand Gravity, it's a metric that combines sales volume with the number of affiliates that are having success promoting that same product.

So, you might be doing thousands of dollars in sales per day, but if you're the only person promoting that...

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Affiliate Marketing Guide For Beginners

What I love most about affiliate marketing is that it's something anybody can succeed with.

The barrier to entry is extremely low.

It doesn't matter if you're 13 or 65.

And you don't have to have a lot of money to get started.

Now, there are a couple of different approaches to affiliate marketing...

One is using FREE traffic and the other is using PAID traffic.

In this article I'm going to highlight how the free traffic method works, since it's the method that is going to be most relevant to the majority of people getting started making money online.

So, affiliate marketing is pretty darn simple.

Basically there's a ton of products and services on the planet to create content around and promote and most of those products, softwares and services have affiliate programs.

These affiliate programs pay you a commission for referring others to their product or service.

It's very similar to a sales position at a corporate job - except you work at your own pace and there's no mandatory...

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How To Get A Free SSL Certificate With Cloudflare

I'm definitely no expert when it comes to techy things like SSL certificates.

But, I do understand that by having an SSL certificate installed on your website, it does protect the data of your visitors a little more than if you had an unsecured site (non-HTTPS).

That's why you see most brands and companies have HTTPS in front of their domain name instead of HTTP.

Having an SSL certificate is pretty much essential if you're selling anything on a website, and even non-techy people can be scared away if you're asking for payment on your site and you don't have an HTTPS URL.

Now, when SSL certificates started to become more mainstream I avoided them for a long time.

Honestly it was because I didn't truly understand them...

And also they weren't cheap.

But then services like Cloudflare popped up, and since they offer the option of a FREE SSL certificate, it's kind of silly not to take advantage of it.

The other benefit of making your site HTTPS is that it's been said that...

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Google Analytics Basics For Affiliate Marketers

Google Analytics is an amazing tool.

Even better that it's free.

But it's also incredibly robust and a little overwhelming.

However, the great news is that you don't have be a master of the tool in order to still get a lot of value out of it.

I'm certainly no expert myself, but in this article I want to introduce you to a few key metrics that I pay attention to as an affiliate marketer.

The Main Google Analytics Metrics I Pay Attention To

Pageviews: I like to know how many people are visiting my pages each month which helps me better calculate how much my average visitor is worth. To get this number simply take the amount of revenue your site is generating and divide that number by either the Pageviews or Users to your site.

Bounce Rate: I don't stress over bounce rate since I can't really do all that much if someone just decides to click the back button or click away from my site after they land on it. However, as a general rule I do try my best to keep my bounce rate around 50%...

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Dead Simple Website Ranking System

It's not that difficult to rank your website for specific keywords...

As long as you have the right strategy.

So, in this post I want to introduce you to a very simple sniper method for getting your site ranked for dozens of long tail keywords.

I'm going to already assume you have your domain and hosting setup as well as a blogging platform like WordPress installed.

Next you will need to connect your site to Google Analytics.

To do this I use a free WordPress plugin like All in One SEO Pack.

Once you set your site up you'll simply paste your unique Google Analytics Tracking ID into the plugin and you're good to go.

Additionally you will also need to connect your Google Analytics account to Webmaster Tools so that you can see the keywords that people are typing into Google in order to wind up on your site.

To do this you'll go to Acquisition > Search Console > Queries.

Then click the button that says Set up Search Console data sharing.

On the next page you'll scroll down...

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Best Expired Domain Research Tool

Before we get into what some of the top recommended expired domain research tools are...

Let's first define what an expired domain is and the benefits of using them.

What Are Expired Domains?

So, when the term expired domains is thrown around, it's usually implied that the expired domain not only has age (it's older than at least a couple of years)

But that it also has some authority or quality backlinks pointing to it.

With SEO (search engine optimization), expired domains give us kind of a head start in ranking or at least getting our site crawled and indexed by Google and the other search engines...

Because it already has some rapport built up, so we're not necessarily starting from scratch.

What Are The Main Uses Of Expired Domains?

Most SEOs use expired domains to either...

  1. Build an authority website on...OR
  2. Build a PBN (private blog network) with

For building an authority site or a money-making site, you would just build your new site as normal...

But starting with an...

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Best SEO Rank Tracker

When it comes to keyword rank tracking tools, a lot of the more popular solutions that exist are more of an all-in-one suite of tools...

Where tracking the rankings of your keywords just happens to be one of the features.

And while some of those tools do a great job...

I always prefer to use tools that specialize in one thing and do it very well.

Which is why I like to use a tool called ProRankTracker for keeping track of all my keyword rankings.

ProRankTracker is not only extremely robust but it's also surprisingly more affordable than most rank tracking softwares out there.

Some of the things I like most about ProRankTracker include...

  • It has a very generous free plan (great for newbies or those on a budget)
  • It has some nice features that make your job extremely simple if you're doing SEO for clients
  • It's cloud-based, so nothing to download or install
  • It has excellent video tutorials, help docs and support

And they're always adding new features and making it better

So, if you're...

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The Duplicate Content SEO Penalty Myth

When I was a little more of an SEO newbie I would pay more close attention to the so-called "penalties" that Google would supposedly slap your site with.

I would let that fear stop me from experimenting with new strategies or bending the rules.

But the more experienced I became the more I started to ignore all the noise and propaganda published by some of the popular SEO blogs and authority sites.

One of the most common myths that exists in regards to content is using duplicate content.

While the idea of using duplicate might sound like grounds for Google to penalize your site, you first have to think about just how common using duplicate content is with other news channels and media.

Almost all forms of media: tv, radio, and newspaper have content that is syndicated across their platform - which means it's not original.

And the Internet is no different.

There's so many websites and blogs out there, so it's no coincidence that a lot of them are going to be saying the same exact...

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